My Favourite ‘Moderate’ Upholds His Grand Party’s Tradition

by matttbastard



Well, I’m glad I didn’t waste the Stanfield metaphor on Howard Hampton (too bad More Notes From Underground beat me to it). I’m with northwestern_lad: “I personally cannot wait to see the next polls that come out and see what kind of damage Tory has really inflicted upon himself.”

More from: Unrepentant Old Hippie, Chet Scoville, Scott Tribe, Uncorrected Proofs, and pretty much EVERYONE today @ Progressive Bloggers.

Update 09/06:  And what a fumble – even the party faithful are considering apostasy.

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The Final Straw

by matttbastard

As of right now, Alas, a Blog is off the ‘roll*. Why? This post is a good example – once again, a bit of raw progressive meat is tossed into the shark tank also known as ‘comments’. And watch them motherfuckers circle as the water quickly turns crimson.

It’s now official: Amp is the Dean Esmay of ‘progressive’ bloggers. Hey, if he wants to play host to a dickwaving college debate club filled almost solely with his racist and misogynist buddies, more power to him. This blog won’t be referring anyone to him (and the same goes to Hugo Schwyzer, who’s also scrubbed as of today for similar reasons – and should have been shown the door ages ago).

Sure, I’ll still drop by to read posts by Rachel, Mandolin and Maia; but I’ll be goddamned if I read the comments. These days my blood pressure can only take so much repressed aggravation, especially when the only reasonable response one can come up with anymore is ‘fuck you, you, especially you and the anti-everything-progressive hobbyhorse y’all rode in on’.

Maintaining ‘civility’ should not hinge upon providing a largely unchallenged, unbalanced, and essentially wide-open platform to those who’d be the first ones to put a boot on my neck (if and) when the revolution comes (or look the other way while someone else does the dirty work for them).

But hey, the fact you still throw a few crumbs here and there to the neegros and feminazis is sure mighty white of you, Amp; have fun playing footsie with your new constituency.

*At this point, I’m sure Amp is scratching his head going “who the hell is matttbastard?” Well, 1. I’m a loyal lurking reader since early 2002; and 2. Fuck you, that’s who I am.

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Uterine Parasites!

by Isabel

The Onion rules.

Immediately following a physician’s examination for her menstrual cessation, 37-year-old events planner Janice Crowley told reporters Tuesday that she is “ecstatic” with her diagnosis of a rapidly growing intrauterine parasite.

“I’m so happy!” Crowley said of the golf ball–sized, nutrient-sapping organism embedded deep in the wall of her uterus. “I was beginning to think this would never happen to me.”

Crowley’s condition is common and well-documented, with millions of women between the ages of 12 and 50 diagnosed every year. Studies have shown that while the disorder strikes without prejudice across racial, ethnic, and class lines, it bears a very high correlation with the consumption of alcohol at the time of infection. Although there is a low-cost daily medication available that can prevent the harmful symbiote with 99 percent efficacy, many women inexplicably choose not to use it.

The whole article is hilarious, and I wholly recommend reading the entire thing.

Hat tip to Jill at Feministe.

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