The Final Straw

by matttbastard

As of right now, Alas, a Blog is off the ‘roll*. Why? This post is a good example – once again, a bit of raw progressive meat is tossed into the shark tank also known as ‘comments’. And watch them motherfuckers circle as the water quickly turns crimson.

It’s now official: Amp is the Dean Esmay of ‘progressive’ bloggers. Hey, if he wants to play host to a dickwaving college debate club filled almost solely with his racist and misogynist buddies, more power to him. This blog won’t be referring anyone to him (and the same goes to Hugo Schwyzer, who’s also scrubbed as of today for similar reasons – and should have been shown the door ages ago).

Sure, I’ll still drop by to read posts by Rachel, Mandolin and Maia; but I’ll be goddamned if I read the comments. These days my blood pressure can only take so much repressed aggravation, especially when the only reasonable response one can come up with anymore is ‘fuck you, you, especially you and the anti-everything-progressive hobbyhorse y’all rode in on’.

Maintaining ‘civility’ should not hinge upon providing a largely unchallenged, unbalanced, and essentially wide-open platform to those who’d be the first ones to put a boot on my neck (if and) when the revolution comes (or look the other way while someone else does the dirty work for them).

But hey, the fact you still throw a few crumbs here and there to the neegros and feminazis is sure mighty white of you, Amp; have fun playing footsie with your new constituency.

*At this point, I’m sure Amp is scratching his head going “who the hell is matttbastard?” Well, 1. I’m a loyal lurking reader since early 2002; and 2. Fuck you, that’s who I am.

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6 thoughts on “The Final Straw

  1. Not only the racist dickweeds, Mattt (should I call you “Matthew”? hahahaha!) –I’m just plain astounded at the trend of feminist blogs being overtaken by men, men, and more men. Jesus Christ, people! DO YOU SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING? Apparently they don’t…

    I’m thinking we need quotas! :P


  2. HA! Though the irony isn’t lost on me, I agree fully.
    I’ve always enjoyed using feminist spaces online as an opportunity to read (ie, listen to) what women are saying. Frankly, if men start to dominate the discourse, the discussion gets diluted and eventually contaminated with the same dickwaving bullshit you’d find anywhere else.

    Same goes for POC spaces (ahem), disability spaces, etc etc ee tee effing cee.

    It shouldn’t about proving what a good ally you are (or trying to control the definitions in order to excuse your/our complicity); it’s about the oppression, and the oppressed, and how to fucking stop misogyny/racism/ableism/homophobia/etc. It’s not about ‘you’, bro. Because it sure as shit ain’t going to be the White Male Protector who takes up the burden and saves the day.

    So why give keep giving him (or letting him steal) the mic?

    (I’m going to shut up now, before irony does a full 180 in its grave.)


  3. A good ally knows when to stand up and when to step aside. A bad ally just stands in the way. A horrible ally tries to stand in as a proxy for the people s/he wants to be an ally to.

    I hope that made sense.

    And yeah, the comment threads at Alas are why I don’t read it as much as I did when I started blogging. A few people there tend to drag the whole thing down, and I’m not sure they’d be tolerated at other feminist or PoC blogs.


  4. A few people there tend to drag the whole thing down, and I’m not sure they’d be tolerated at other feminist or PoC blogs.

    They wouldn’t, which is precisely why they hang @ Alas: because they feel welcome to do so. It is, in essence, a safe space of sorts for them. There’s really something…exploitative about the whole set up (ie, progressive ideas–and authors– served up to be devoured by regressive commentors), as I sort of tried to articulate in this inarticulate-and-incivil rant (which I would have gladly posted @ Amp’s place, were it not lacking in articulation and civility).



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