Stay Classy, Sun Media

h/t Justin Stayshyn

AM640 On-Air Personality on ONDP Leader: “I think whore is the operative syllable there” (UPDATED)

Via Lucile Barker of the Canuckistan Pink(o) Fringe:

Schizas: Just to get back to our previous quick quotes on Andrea Horwath. I think whore is the operative syllable there

Oakley: Well, well let’s not take it that far

Schizas: What do you mean? She was bought.

Oakley: (in agreement) Alright, bought and paid for. Alright, it’s pejorative

Schizas: Alright, Sorry, I’ll take the hit.

Oakley: That’s alright.

Schizas: I’ll take the hit.

As Justin Stayshyn (h/t transcript) rightly notes, “Lou Schizas works for AM640 so this isn’t just some random guy calling Andrea a whore.”

Update: More details (& audio) from this newswire:

The exchange took place [this AM] on the The John Oakley Show during a panel with Buzz Hargrove and Catherine Swift, who apparently did not call Schizas out on his comment after Oakley’s soft chiding.

Schizas is a business correspondent and joins Oakley for his a “Happy Capitalism” segment.

We’ve left a message with the station for comment and awaiting their reply.

While that newswire awaits a response, feel free to contact the CBSC and CRTC if the spirit moves you.

Update 2: Official ONDP response:

June 12, 2013

Open Letter from Taras Natyshak, NDP MPP for Essex, to AM640

Essex – Taras Natyshak, NDP MPP for Essex, sent the following open letter to AM640, in response to unacceptable comments made by a guest on the John Oakely Show today.
Corus Quay
25 Dockside Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 0B5

During the John Oakley Show today Lou Schizas crossed the line when he called Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath a name that I won’t repeat. 

We can disagree on political points. We can have heated debates and we at the NDP don’t shy away from a fight. 

But let’s not forget respect. 

Taras Natyshak
MPP Essex