Ego and Ambition: Privileges That Only White Men Are Allowed To Enjoy (Even the Liberal Edition)

by matttbastard

Shorter Dana Milbank:

Uppity. N*gger.”

For fuck’s sake, Dana–stop wasting our time (and Katherine Graham’s money), cut the crap and just say what you really fucking mean (and, um, next time, try to get your facts straight, asshole).


Race Bait and Dogwhistles

Arrogant: The New Uppity

Ego and Ambition 1

Ego and Ambition 2

Ego and Ambition 3


DDay nails it:

There’s no reason to include Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in this ad. None. It hangs on the word “celebrity” being included, which means it could have just as well been Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Anyway, all the footage is from Obama’s Berlin speech, not the red carpet. This is absolutely meant to juxtapose images of white women with images of a black man.

First he takes teh White House, then he’ll take teh white wimmins…

(image originally uploaded by Barack Obama, posted under a Creative Commons license.)

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More on the Representation of White Perfection

by matttbastard

professor what if has posted part two of the series Consuming Whiteness, which, as noted in the first installment, sets out to explore the all-encompassing notion “that whiteness (in food, bodies, clothing, etc) is ideal”:

Despite the fact that for the majority of people of color milk is a ‘health disaster,’ the Got Milk ads, (which, for the most part, feature famous white people) set up an erroneous equation between milk consumption and health (not to mention weight loss, athletic ability, beauty, success, fame, wealth, etc). The milk moustache ads, which feature supermodels, actors, musicians, famous athletes, and politicians, imply that drinking milk is the key to opportunity, fame, and fortune. Although the ads portrayed some diversity in terms of race, class, and social background, the people of color that do appear are, ironically, often lactose intolerant. Whoopi Goldberg, for example, appears in a milk print ad- although she has to take lactose intolerance medication to consume milk.

The ads, through their continued focus on milk as a white drink, also often refer to the superiority of whiteness. While some may argue that this is a merely a marketing tactic with no racial undertones, it is problematic to ally whiteness with perfection in a country with a long, ugly past (and present) of racism. Take, for example, the milk ad featuring a young white woman with copy reading “the milk white look.” Not only is the ad equating consuming milk with ‘consuming’ this white woman (and thus sexually objectifying her), it is also claiming that ‘the milk white look’ is desirable, sexy, beautiful, etc. This message that white is better is conveyed in a number of ads. For example, in a milk moustache ad that features country singer Clint Black, the copy reads: “My favorite color? White of course”. Or, as the ad suggests, even those who are named ‘Black,’ really prefer white.

Please, go read the whole thing.

h/t Kevin

Update: Part Three is also up.

A brief sample:

This usage of the term white as something that is good, something that is so powerful it can palliate flaws or conceal crimes, reveals the high esteem ‘white’ holds in the western cultural imagination. As a color it is seen as pure, clean, refreshing. When it refers to people, the same positive associations also apply. White people are seen as ‘purely human’ and not animalized or denigrated in the way people of color are. Or, as Chris Matthews would term it, white people are ‘regular people.’ These associations between whiteness and what is better/normal certainly are readily apparent in advertising.

Again, go.

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Memo to CNN

by matttbastard

When embarking on a Landmark Multimedia Event™ called ‘Black in America’, it’s best not to risk your black-people-love-us-cred by, er, credulously citing avowed racists as experts on teh Negroes.  Just a thought.

Next up on CNN’s 2008 Ethnic Anthropology US Tour: Jewish in America, where we find noted WWII historian David Irving waxing poetic about picturesque Polish vacation spots for the Judenreich set.

Related: More commentary on Black in America from Jack and Jill Politics (and here), Kevin, elle and Renee.

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PSA: Canadian Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Events

by matttbastard

Via Canadian Peace Alliance:

There are 8 cities planning events for Hiroshima/Nagasaki Days this week. Please check the listings and join events calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons worldwide.

Any new event postings can be sent to to be posted on the website at

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Events


The First Annual Japanese Lantern Ceremony for World Peace
Where: Keystone Centre YMCA Pool on 13th Street
When: Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Time: 7:30 PM


Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorial

Thursday, August 7, 2008, 7pm – 9pm
Calgary Area Outdoor Council, Large Room on 2nd floor
(wheelchair access to 2nd floor, 1111 Memorial Drive NW)

– We may watch movie with colour footage of the devastation.
– Speeches
– Lantern ceremony with glow in the dark non-flame, non-flammable


This year we gather on Zuckerberg Island, Wednesday, August 6 at 6:00 pm to both commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki but also to listen to our minstrels of peace and hear from the Mayor of Hiroshima and other voices of reason in our troubled world.

Kootenay Region Branch of the United Nations Association in Canada (KRUNA)

2600 Columbia Avenue
Castlegar, B.C., V1N 2X6


Grand Forks City Park at 1 pm on Saturday, August 9th to commemorate the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and mourn today’s victims from ‘Depleted Uranium’ radiological weapons, tanks, vests, bullets and bombs.

We urge you to join us on August 9th at 1 pm in City Park for speakers, entertainment and a Auction. The auction is to raise funds to support our work and encourage all to donate items and then make generous bids.

We thank all who have given of their time, energy and funds in the past and look forward to your continued participation at events and regular meetings in Selkirk College on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

For inquiries please phone Laura at 250-442-0430.

On behalf of the Boundary Peace Initiative: member of B.C. Southern Interior Peace Coalition, Canadian Peace Alliance, Uranium Free Kootenay Boundary, Uranium Free B.C., Abolition 2000, Lawyers Against the War, and an affiliate of Fellowship of Reconciliation.


6:30pm: meet at Friends House (91 A Fourth St in The Glebe) to decorate laterns
7:30pm: film screening and discussion @ Friends House on the threat posed by nuclear weapons
8:30pm: march to float and light the laterns (location to be announced shortly)

The Ottawa Peace Assembly


Commemorate Hiroshima Day, Wednesday August 6 at Rotary Park Peace Pole, 12-1 pm

Program includes Mayor Don Atchison, Mayors for Peace • Reverend Hiraku Iwai • Jillian Cyca, Artist • John Crawford, Project Ploughshares


For more information, call (306) 384-4134

Building peace in our families, communities, and world.


See Hiroshima Day Coalition for more information

The Toronto Hiroshima Day Coalition (THDC) cordially invites you to attend the unveiling of the powerful exhibition of photographs from the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the Rotunda inside Toronto City Hall on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 at 5:30 pm.

The exhibit runs from August 6th -11th, 2008 in conjunction with the “Paths to Hope” Peace Commemoration and Lantern Ceremony on Saturday, August 9th, 2008 at the Toronto Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square beginning at 6:30 pm.

To RSVP for the August 6th, 2008 unveiling of the Hiroshima & Nagasaki Photo Exhibition at the Rotunda, Toronto City Hall, please contact Helen Chilas, National Coordinator of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, via email or cell at 416-473-8238

Note: If you would like to reserve a table at the Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Annual Peace Commemoration and Lantern Ceremony (August 9th at the Toronto Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square), please contact Dr. Barbara Birkett with Physicians for Global Survival at


Where: Memorial Park, Winnipeg
When: Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Time: 7:30 PM

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China’s Olympics Best-Case Scenario – James Miles

by matttbastard

China correspondent for The Economist James Miles outlines what would be the best possible scenario for China during the 2008 summer Olympics.

Related: Kerry Brown on China, the Olympics and ‘the globalisation of sentiment’; Amnesty International report: People’s Republic of China: The Olympics countdown – broken promises (PDF); more from AFP on how “China is using the Beijing Olympics as a pretext to pursue — and in some cases tighten — a crackdown on human rights”.

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A Father’s Right to Make Shit Up

by matttbastard

Via Jill @ Feministe, the following trailer absolutely screams ‘coming to a church basement near you’:

The William Fain Productions website has more on the motivations behind this, um, fact-esque-based project (straight outta Dickson, TN, aka Hollywood South, homie!):

“A Father’s Rights” is based upon a real life story. It depicts the situation of an unwed father and his child’s struggle with the legal system predominant in American society today.

“A Father’s Rights” is hard hitting, factual, and potentially embarrassing to some in high places. It is meant to expose the system that treats children differently across this country and the world: a system that needs to change. We should all be looking at and working for one thing, getting equal rights for our children. It should not matter if a child is born out of wedlock. It’s not the child’s fault, and that child should have the same rights as a child from a happily married couple. Stop the fighting over who gets custody and what he/she receives for the privilege of raising that child.

The system that all of us face as parents, and/or grandparents is broken. No matter if you are mother, father, or grandparent, we all must acknowledge this basic fact. Thousands of emails have been received over the past year about this project asking for help, or parents telling their own horror stories with the system. One major problem is that fathers, mothers, and grandparents all seem to be fighting for their own rights. We should all be able to come together and fight for our children’s rights. The right to be treated equally, no matter if their parents are married, were married, or never married. If that goal is obtained, then a lot of the problems in the system will go away.

This movie was made to bring attention to and educate the public about a corrupt system that is not taking care of the future: making sure children are well taken care of.

Lawd, yes! Won’t somebody puh-leeze think about the children (as opposed to the horrible writing/acting/direction, dubious rationale and sub-par production values)?  Look, no offense to whoever came up with the dick-swinging altruist spin, but I think the folks @ WFP should instead use Jill’s take in the press-kit:

It goes like this: Bitches (especially super whore-y bitches who seem so cute at first but then arch their drawn-on eyebrows and wear belly-shirts like BIG WHORES) will probably trick you by telling you that they’re on birth control and then getting themselves pregnant. When they do that, you should have the right to demand that they either have an abortion or that they give birth (because you’ll take care of it!), or that they give birth and “take responsibility” for their actions, whereupon you will argue that you have no obligation to pay child support. You, however, have a right to have a picture of your kid on the dashboard of your car and talk proudly about your son/daughter, and if you see them at your convenience you are being an awesome parent and shouldn’t have to pay a dime. If your ex tells you that they don’t want anything from you, they are trying to take away your child. If they tell you that they want financial support, they are gold-digging whores.

Get it? Basically, the rule is Bitches Be Stealin’ My Shit.

Now, if that kinda straight-talkin’ marketing initiative doesn’t secure this flick a national distribution deal…

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Ego and Ambition: Privileges That Only White Men Are Allowed To Enjoy (Pajama Pissing Edition)

by matttbastard

Shorter Rick “best surname EVAR” Moran:

Uppity. N*gger.”

The real number one thing about Barack Obama that apparently creeps out Rick Moran?

Obama’s black.

For fuck’s sake, Rick–stop wasting our time (and the beer money Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson occasionally toss in your direction), cut the crap and just say what you really fucking mean.

(image originally uploaded by Barack Obama, posted under a Creative Commons license.)

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Quote of the Day: With Eyes Wide Open

by matttbastard

I know that we use media to anaesthetize our selves from the daily strain of this mortal coil however, a release should not be achieved by watching or listening to someone else be degraded.  The media is not the benign lifeless force that we construct it to be.  It helps to frame morals, and is a reflection of our social discourse. When we sit there blindly consuming these images without giving pause to understand that some of these images are a reflection of the ugliest parts of humanity, indeed we are embracing the darkness.  There are just some things that will never be funny.  When we sit there and laugh at things like rape, domestic violence, or the sexual objectification of women we are colluding with patriarchy in our own marginalization.  This has real world effects because it normalizes this behaviour therefore reducing the possibility that such crimes will be taken seriously.  Just because it is not happening to you does not  give you the right to assert privilege, and demean the life experiences of others.

– Renee, Feminists Have No Sense Of Humour

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On Misogyny, Racism, and the US MSM

by matttbastard

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said, in the course of covering the Obama candidacy, and I’m paraphrasing,
” He (Barack Obama) brings none of the ‘ bad stuff’, you know?”

By ‘Bad Stuff’, he meant the legacy of enslaving Africans in this country and then keeping them as second-class citizens until 1965, a mere 11 years before this country celebrated its 200th anniversary. So, for 189 years from its official founding as a country, and tack on another 150 years pre-Revolutionary War, and you’ve got the ‘ Bad Stuff’ done to people of African descent. You know, ‘the original sin’, or ‘ the birth defect’, as Condi Rice called it.

But, guess what…..despite being ‘ oh so smart’ by supporting Barack Obama, the ‘Bad Stuff’ smacked White America in the face.

First, with the revelation that his White Side was still involved in ‘the bad stuff’ (slavery), only as SLAVEOWNERS.

I had a good chuckle on that.

But, also, he comes home every chance he can, to ‘the bad stuff’.

To the ‘ Bad stuff’ wife and ‘ Bad stuff’ children he had with said wife.

And there it is: the 400 years of ‘ Bad stuff’, wrapped up in Michelle Obama.

When that came to me on the elliptical machine this morning, it all made sense.

Michelle Obama is a direct threat and lightening bolt against White Superiority.

Because, she’s Black…


But, does not, in any way, shape, or form, contour to the acceptable Black Pathologies that enable White Supremacy to sigh with relief.

– Rikyrah, Update: Michelle Obama As Racial Rorschach Test (h/t Michelle Obama Watch)

Thanks to Alberta: Get Rich or Die Trying for the video (by way of MOW)

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PSA: Day of Blogs 2008

by matttbastard

Cara of The Curvature and Feministe is participating in today’s Day of Blogs blogathon. RAINN is the very worthy organization that is benefiting from her tireless efforts.  Go check it out–Cara will be updating every 30 minutes until 9am EDT Sunday morning.

(Full list of participants here.)

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