On Innocent ‘Pranks’

by matttbastard

Brother Peacemaker: Nooses Are More Than Just Pranks. Bookmark for Koufax season. (They are going to happen this year, right?)

h/t The Thin Black Duke (get well soon – and thanks for the skate down memory lane).

Related: Classic David Neiwert posts on lynching here and here; Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America.

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Feeling the vibe.

by boomgate

Last weekend I trotted on on down to the High Vibes Festivals. High Vibes is a street festival that takes part in the main street of Northcote, High Street. Northcote was for a long time a working-class suburb with a large migrant population. However, as these things are want to do Northcote is becoming increasingly gentrified by the middle-class deadlocked organic tofu buying set.

Late Night Logic: Too Little, Too Late

by matttbastard

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4 quick, funky joints before bed. Apologies for the lateness of the hour; damn socializing got in the way of blogging this evening.

Krafty Kuts – Bass Phenomenon

Bassnectar – Bomb The Blocks

Robb G & The Phat Conductor – Chunkasaurus

Stanton Warriors feat. Sway – Get ‘Em High

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