Slacker Friday: Jena Aftermath Edition

by matttbastard

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Thus begins the conservative pushback. And yes, as predicted, they did jump on Whitlock’s article like white on…well, you get the idea. Oh, and you can also add The Artist Formerly Known As Jane Galt to the Confused Conservative Crew (ok, so technically McArdle identifies as ‘libertarian’; more often than not I’d simply call her ‘obtuse’), who all seem to think that any Jena information that doesn’t originate from someone white and/or reflexively skeptical of racism an ‘objective’ source is, by default, a desultory mess. To paraphrase Teen Talk Barbie, “Race is tough!”


– University of Maryland law professor Sherrilyn Ifill on lynching and the symbolism of the noose (via Footnoted).

WSWS coverage of the Jena rally; round ups from Racialicious and Slant Truth (thanks for the link love, Kevin!) .

– Bobby Brown exercises his comeback prerogative: AOL Black Voices reports that the former Mr Whitney Houston is attempting to rehabilitate his image slated to perform at the “Jena 6 Empowerment Concert,” to be held in Birmingham, Alabama on Sept 29. This is of course all contingent on whether he has to be in court that day.

– Media Matters For America: Chris Matthews’ Jena reporting leaves much to be desired (hey, look over there – OJ!!11)
Non-Jena linkage:

Jon Rynn:

Is global warming — or more generally, the assault on the biosphere, including the wholesale destruction of ecosystems and species — an emergency, as was World War II? In other words, do we have to do something quickly? Second, what was done in World War II to meet the emergency, and what lessons can we learn from that response?

Fern Hill on foot clinics, unlawfully lawful activities, and the perplexing parsimoniousness of Planned Parenthood (fetch forth teh fainting couch!)

– Via Liberals For MMP, David Docherty and Rick Salutin both understand why electoral reform in Ontario is, in Salutin’s words, ‘a no-brainer’. Related: Idealistic Pragmatist on what is and isn’t politically ‘pragmatic’:

Pragmatism is NOT political expediency. Doing whatever it takes to get elected is about a lust for power, not about finding practical solutions to society’s ills.

Pragmatism is NOT a lack of ideology. If you don’t know what you stand for, where does your search for solutions even begin?

Pragmatism is NOT cynicism. The scornful negativity of cynicism may be currently in vogue, but it’s hardly a tried and true way of successfully solving problems.

Pragmatism is NOT centrism. This one is going to be especially hard for Canadians, I suspect, but it’s true–not all centrists are pragmatists, and not all pragmatists are centrists. And there are many pragmatic solutions to problems that don’t fall at the midpoint on a left-right continuum.

What pragmatism actually is, then, is choosing solutions to policy problems based on what has been shown to work in your own jurisdiction, or in another province or country with similar circumstances.

– Samantha Bee asks La Shawn Barber “Is A Woman President Ready For America,” and in response America asks “Who the hell did LaShawn Barber bribe to become a media pundit?” Personally, I wouldn’t give her five seconds @ Speakers Corner, let alone significant MSM screen time/print space (h/t Michael Tedesco).

– Defence Minister Peter McKay continues a longstanding Canadian tradition. And no, it doesn’t involve maple syrup or kissing cod – although I would contend that McKay’s puckered lips are firmly planted someplace cold and clammy.

– In case any of you were still wondering, no, Senator Clinton is not a lesbian. According to Sean Kennedy of The Advocate, who interviewed Clinton for an upcoming feature, “I 100% believe she’s a straight, heterosexual woman”. A bemused Pam Spaulding throws out a modest challenge to the MSM: “[A]nyone in the press up for asking Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham that question at a press conference, given all the rumors swirling out there about them? Now that’s entertainment.”

Happy Friday, brethren.

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