Seriously, STFU

by matttbastard

Former War Critic Michael O’Hanlon has perfected his shark-jumping technique. The Fonz must have recently secured an advisory position at the Brookings Institution.

Related: Steve Benen has more on GOP 101.

Update 09/07 Related: Speaking of sloppy numbers

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by matttbastard

Apparently al Qaeda has been taking careful note of the Thompson campaign’s cutting edge preemptive announcement strategy. Richard Blair thinks the timing of all this is really conveeenient. Hey, I’m sure that it’s all just an innocent coincidence.

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PSA: Fremantle Update

by matttbastard

Via Eric Lee @ LabourStart:

Last week we asked for your support in a struggle by workers in north London care homes whose pay has been cut by 30% by a privatized employer, Fremantle. Within hours, you flooded the inbox of Fremantle’s chief executive with thousands of messages. By the weekend, over 5,000 messages had been received.

The reaction of the company was swift: On Friday afternoon, they fired off an email message to me threatening LabourStart with legal action, accusing us of “libel”. (As you may know, English libel laws are biased against the defendant, and are used by corporations to attempt to suppress dissent.)

A couple of days later, Fremantle got even more aggressive, and sacked Unison rep Andrew Rogers (pictured).

Andrew Rogers, Unison rep sacked by Fremantle this week This bullying behavior is, I am told, typical of how this company works. They’ve asked us to stop this campaign, to stop saying negative things about them, and to stop sending them email protest messages.I say: let’s flood them with thousands more messages. Let’s raise the profile of this campaign.

If you’ve not yet sent off your message of protest — it will take just a few seconds — please go here to do do.

Today, LabourStart has launched a major Google ad campaign to put further pressure on the company. These campaigns cost money – please make sure to donate by clicking here. I know that we can count on your support and your generosity once again.
If Fremantle decides to follow through on its threat to sue us, if its attorneys send us a registered letter in the post, here is what I intend to do: I will put the letter up for auction on eBay, and I will invite all our supporters to bid on it.

We will not be bullied and we will not be threatened. The campaign continues.

Let’s make Fremantle famous.

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by matttbastard

In between Larry Craig toe-tapping jokes, that made-for-TV ‘new Reagan’ faux-redneck finally decided to shit (or is it get off the pot? can never figure out how to modify that particular metaphor). Too bad it’s gonna take more than divine intercession from Saint Ronnie to win Fred the GOP nomination.

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Keeping Up With the Joneses Down Under (UPDATED 09/07)

Stevie so wants in that kewl anti-Kyoto clique:

Canadian officials have already indicated Canada is ready to join the AP-6, a climate change group that some environmental groups see as a rival to the UN-mandated Kyoto process for reducing greenhouse gases.

Yeah, ‘Cause, like, ‘socialist schemes to suck money out of wealth-producing nations‘ are, like, so 2002.

Update 09/07: But paying lip service to climate change? The new black.

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