One thought on “Warrior Cops In Action: Radley Balko With Your #Ferguson Homework

  1. As protests over George Floyd’s murder continue for the ninth day in a row, officials are divided over how to maintain control in cities and prevent peaceful protests from becoming violent. Radley Balko, journalist and author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop,” discusses an increasing military edge to policing and its possible effects on the relationship between police and protesters.

    Militaristic police actions which treat protesters as combatants may lead to increasing violence, according to Balko. In turn, protestors may begin to resent the police and respond with more violence.
    Police departments have been able to acquire military weapons through the 1033 Program since 1990. Similar programs existed all the way back to WWII, but did not allow for the type of equipment to be authorized that the 1033 Program permitted. The program allowed for surplus military equipment from the Defense Department to be transferred to domestic police departments across the country.
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