A “stunning lack of clarity and consensus”.

by matttbastard

As the lily-white political class continues to evaluate Obama’s denouncing rejection of Angry Scary Negro du jour Sister Soulja Rev. Jeremiah Wright (while remaining curiously silent about Rod Parsley, McCain’s virulently racist and homophobic “spiritual guide”), Kai Chang takes a wide-ranging, nuanced look at how race (and racism) have played out thus far in this primary season.

A sample:

It seems to me that one of the principal sources of confusion when it comes to racial disourse is the stunning lack of clarity and consensus regarding the exact meanings and definitions of the words “racism” and “racist”. Those of us who spend significant time doing anti-racist work end up developing a variety of nuanced concepts surrounding these words, but many people never explore those meanings and instinctively respond to talk of racism with strong emotions and weak understandings. Racism is a complex multi-dimensional interdisciplinary subject which cannot be reduced to an absurdly-shallow bifurcation of the populace into laudable “not racists” and condemned “racists”. Racism is an overarching, interlocking set of economic, political, social, and cultural structures, beliefs, and actions which systematically advantage one racial group at the expense of all others. A statement, thought, belief, assumption, or action can be described as racist when it plugs into the overarching grid of racism, like a node which lights up once it plugs into its compatible network, thus transcending an individual act of bigotry or prejudice and fusing into broader institutions and societal forces.

As for defining what makes an individual person “a racist”, I think it’s a pretty fuzzy area, and not a particularly fruitful intellectual direction. Most anti-racists are much more concerned with identifying, understanding, and dismantling racism, than in exposing any individual as “a racist”, whatever that means. Clearly, there are hate-crime types out there who organize their lives around advancing white supremacist violence and such; but most of the racism that people of color deal with in our day-to-day lives — especially those of us who interact with a lot of white liberals — is far more subtle and covert, more of a background buzz than an in-your-face threat. White liberal racism tends to manifest in unspoken assumptions, attitudes, and social dynamics which normalize and center white privilege, while deprioritizing, marginalizing, and dismissing the voices, perspectives, experiences, histories, cultures, agendas, and initiatives of people of color. White liberals who engage in these behaviors aren’t “racists” in the same sense as the hate-crime types, but they are nevertheless participating in the replication and perpetuation of racism. Pointing this out is not “playing the race card”; it is accurate socio-political observation. Pointing this out is not the same as running around indiscriminately shouting “racist!” at every white person within earshot in some kind of rageful frenzy; it is constructive anti-racist critique aimed at illuminating an important but dimly-lit pattern, for the purpose of healing wounds which continue to bleed our society and our own humanity.

Of course, as briefly intimated by Chang, there are certain individuals out there who proudly fly the flag of prejudice (and ignorance/indifference) in a manner that defies nuance and complexity.

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7 thoughts on “A “stunning lack of clarity and consensus”.

  1. Ahem. Lecturing a person of colour (*waves*) re: use of (tongue-in-cheek) language as it relates to racism and racial identity typifies an arrogant colonial mindset.

    Please kindly go fuck yourself.


  2. Besides, “Angry Scary Negro” is like “Magic Negro”–sardonic, right?

    This is an amazing article and he says it exactly right, esp. the part that you quoted. I keep running into it, over and over and over again. Lately I’ve been getting the “new convert” and zealot talks. /sigh/ Anything to discount and deflect that which the listener does not wish to hear.


  3. ‘Racism is a complex multi-dimensional interdisciplinary subject which cannot be reduced to an absurdly-shallow bifurcation of the populace into laudable “not racists” and condemned “racists”’

    And what a useful tool that is, huh – define as individual pathology and thereby resist any possibility of much-needed systemic change. Great post.


  4. Obama sells himself as a racial healer, kind of a political Sidney Poirtier. But his preacher and his real views appear closer to Al Sharpton. Those may be truthful views–though I think they are in fact ridiculous–but if they were well known, Obama’s crossover appeal would disappear. Whites may not be as united as they once were, but we know when people mean us harm and have no interest in voting for them. This is a rational and normal behavior by any group of human beings.

    The fact that lots of blacks hate America, hate white people, and only care about themselves and their tribe doesn’t make Wright’s message and Obama’s on-again/off-again endorsement of it any more palatable. Blacks are in a freefall of envy and hate and Marxist thinking, and it is corroding black America to the detriment of them and white people . . . just ask the poor white female victims of the umpteenth black rapist-robber-murderer at UNC and Auburn.

    I am embarrassed by the self-loathing white commenter above and hope his daughter someday comes up with someone named LaShawn with gold toofeses.

    [Thanks for your interest, but I don’t feel the need to provide a platform for cliched hate mongers. Banned. – mb]


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