Placeholder (Democracy Fatigue Quickly Becoming Chronic–and Literal)

by matttbastard

Good fucking goddamn it all.  “Ardent NAFTA opponent” (buh?! this tepid video is sorely lacking in ardour, much less opposition) Jack Layton was just on the Lou Dobbs show doing a nativist populist pander-bear routine at the expense of “Communist China” (Lou always prefaces China with Communist–booga booga, Red menace!). “When in Rome…” has its limits, Jacko.

Alas, further foul-mouthed agitation will have to wait until later tomorrow; too much work + not enough sleep recently = fuck you, blogging (for tonight, at least).

P.S. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink, but methinks Stephane “I’ve got better things to do than stand up for women’s rights” Dion needs to step away from the irony…slowly…that’s a good little AWOL official opposition leader (sigh).

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