“D’aprés l’histoire vraie…”

by matttbastard

Wait, you’re telling me that it was a hoax, and Misha Defonesca (nee Monique De Wael) isn’t Jewish, but is actually the daughter of Roman-Catholic Nazi collaborators?! Come on, nothing screams “true story” like a kid journeying 1,900 miles across Europe with a pack of wolves in search of her deported parents during World War II. Dunno about this Blake Eskin smarty pants (if that’s his real name), but Defonseca De Wael certainly had me (and, apparently, some lupine-lovin’ film producers in France) fooled with her totally credible (and profitable) wolf cry.

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by boomgate


Soft fondant with natural mint oil

The fondant came in thin, almost crisp dark chocolate shell. The amount of fondant in this seemed much greater than most chocolates I have tried, nearly overflowing when I first bit into it. The mint oil was extremely strong, almost to the point of being overpowering. Not sure what I think of this at the moment, would have preferred slightly more chocolate and less fondant.


Cinnamon milk chocolate ganache

The pairing of chocolate and cinnamon is something I haven’t come across before. Despite this I found this chocolate very enjoyable. The milk chocolate and ganache were rather sweet, but not to the point of the being overly so. The cinnamon flavouring was subtle but distinct, providing a slight amount of warmth and spice to the creaminess and sweetness.

Raspberry Puree

French raspberry puree ganache.

I am a huge fan of all things raspberry so I was most looking forward to this chocolate. After sampling the cinnamon and creole chocolate I was a bit worried that raspberry flavourings would be very subtle. Not so. The chocolate had a thin dark chocolate shell with a divine milk chocolate ganache inside. The raspberry flavouring was strong and work well with the dark chocolate.

Sienna Strawberry

French strawberry puree ganache in milk or dark chocolate.

With a company like Koko Black who prides themselves on having the finest this and that and the best imported so and so, I really appreciate when they delve into the land of the slightly kitsch. The heart shape of these chocolates remind me of something you’d see being given as a Valentine’s Day present in a 1950s teen movie.
Moving onto more important things, how it tastes. I generally don’t like a lot of chocolates/truffles with strawberry in them as often the fondant is far too sweet for my liking. I received the milk chocolate version and yes, lucky for me the ganache was not excessive in it’s strawberry flavouring. Overall the chocolate was pleasant and creamy, but nothing too exciting. I think anything after the Raspberry Puree would have been an anti climax.

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