On Outsourcing Darfur

by matttbastard

Shorter Michael Walzer: “We simply must do something in Darfur–even if that ‘something’ is absolutely wrong, to say nothing of stupid and counterproductive.”

Remember: Walzer’s supposedly one of those decent Leftists (Eustonites reprazent!), even though he was kinda-sorta against invading Iraq (but he was really, really conflicted by his position, and never, ever wanted to be lumped in with the dirty fucking hippies [and their cheese-eating allies in Paris] who, unlike Mikey, hate America). I mean, anyone who can float an idea that is asinine provocative enough to make Neocon wargasm-addict Max Boot perk up and take notice should obviously be reflexively taken seriously by all of us on the left who haven’t surrendered to the terrorists (who, btw, hate us for our freedoms, in case you’d forgotten).

h/t dsquared @ Crooked Timber

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