International Women’s Day Comes Early in DC

by matttbastard


Shorter Daily Mail Washington Post (!): “Stupid and fickle, together at last.”

Jill takes on stupid, Hilzoy tackles fickle and zuzu nails it:

…I’m sure the fact that these opinions are aired in mainstream outlets has nothing at all to do with the dearth of women on op-ed pages. Well, except for those engaged in the ignoble pursuit of tearing down other women.

Next week in Outlook: Negros–lazy and fleet footed (oh, wait–Black History Month was in February.)

Update: Outlook Editor John Pomfret is officially the dumbest motherfucker in journalism (except of course for all those stupid squealing wimmins who, apart from honourary men like Char, aren’t being published in the WaPo opinion section because they’re stupid and fickle). The only ‘joke’ I can glean is his lame attempt to deflect responsibility for enabling hate speech. And even that isn’t funny.

h/t Jessica @ Feministing

Update 2: Well, Kieran Healy sure called it. Superlative NatSec correspondent Laura Rozen (who has been all over the Post for this) scores the following explanation from Pomfret, the dumbest motherfucker in journalism:

.. I ran Charlotte Allen’s piece to provoke, but not to offend. I thought the parallel she drew between fainting Obama followers and Beatlemania was an interesting frame with which to analyze the Obama phenomenon. She went further, of course, to draw broader conclusions about the state of her gender highlighting women’s interest in Gray’s Anatomy and Eat, Pray, Love. But my reading of it was more a tongue-in-cheek screed borne from exasperation with her sisters than a mysoginist [sic] rant from a self-hating woman. Yes, she engaged in massive hyperbole but she did it to try to make a point. That said the piece obviously offended you and others and I regret that. But it was an opinion piece and that is what they sometimes do. …

Sorry I regret that you were offended.” Well, ain’t that mighty white o’ Pomfret? Yes, John, Char did have a point, as Rozen’s unnamed colleague notes: “That women are stupid.”

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Please, someone (preferably a white male, since, as per 1337 satirist!!111 William Saletan, I’m just a dumb negro–hmm, Slate’s owned by The Washington Post, innit?) show me how an avowed anti-feminist trafficking in mysoginy [sic–image=WIN] counts as “tongue in cheek” (ie, ironic).

Bueller? Bueller?

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