Well, that was a long nap

by sassywho

My apologies for my prolonged absence bastard logicians! I’ve been… you know, here and there, doing this and that, with yo and yo , and just generally flying under the radar. Blame it on post-finals syndrome, cold then warm and back to cold winter weather here, or the fact that the Wingnuts really have taken over my city! Any of those excuses work well enough for me.

Before I lose track of my racing thoughts, the purpose of this post was to request a special Operation Prayer Shield for Zombie Z. It appears she left too many feminist magazines lying around, or whatever it is that attracts all defenders of good “godly” Christian women. Actually, she linked to one, and wouldn’t you know it, just like the locusts! So yeah, if you wouldn’t mind giving her some love, I means she’s getting tripe like this:

Your statement reveals that as far as the Biblical roles of men and women within the marriage relationship are concerned you are ignorant.

Fortunately this can remedied by reading one of the appropriate texts, Ephesians 5:22-33.

However once you read the relevant text, and you scoff at the model set forth, well that’s on you and truly nothing short of God working directly in your life will change that.

Oh and apparently there is a war on Christianity, why don’t I ever find these things out until it’s too late for me to book my tickets? Will it start at 8:00 PM on Fox like the Iraq war did? Will there be ribbon vehicle magnets?

So, yeah, hey thanks for the ear. I’ll be back with some prolific bitching shortly. In the meantime what’s new with you all?

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One thought on “Well, that was a long nap

  1. whilst looking up images for “Boo Fucking Hoo” I came across your blog. I liked it a lot and will certainly visit again.


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