Into the Rough

by matttbastard

William K. Wolfrum provides further evidence of why those in the almost uniformly lily-white world of professional golf should avoid touching upon (or, more specifically, deliberately minimizing) the knotty subject of race. Geez, forget Kelly Tilghman — you’d hope that a decade on they’d have learned from Fuzzy Zoeller’s infamous (and totally misconstrued) “fried chicken and collard greens” incident:


Guess not.

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Privileged Ignorance

by matttbastard

Over @ Shakesville, Portly Dyke (h/t) examines howwe are being systematically de-sensitized to [racial] issues by the MSM.

An excerpt:

People of color may have a better resistance to this insidiously toxic media message, as they are subject to the actual results of racism every day — and radical white progressives may (I said “may”) have an increased immune-response to this stuff as compared to whites of other political/sociological persuasions. I suspect, though, that all of us have slowly conceded corners of our resolve to the onslaught.

It happens so slowly — so incrementally, that we don’t notice at first — that’s why I love montages — because when you put all the messages together, you realize that…the indoctrination has been huge, and intentional, and vile — and not subtle at all.

Please make sure to read the whole damn thing (including and especially the comments).

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The Real Issues

by matttbastard

While I agree that most race and gender based personal attacks do not address real political issues, we should not forget that racial and gender issues are real issues. We should not forget that racism and sexism are still fundamental problems in the US.


I know many Americans are uncomfortable openly discussing how race and gender influence our political system, but this doesn’t mean that these issues are not “real.” Denial won’t erase social inequality. It’s a shame that many people would rather purge discussion of racism and sexism from the public discourse than actually work to give people an equal shot.

– Rachel @ Rachel’s Tavern, “Let’s Get Back to the Real Issues”

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