Still Waiting For The Punchline

by matttbastard


Ok, I’m not even going to try and construct a clever one-liner; just go to ACR, read, and try to remember: racism is, like, so 20th century–except in the Hamptons, where they apparently never received the post-everything memo.


Update 01/28: Nice try with the memory holez tricksiness, Independent editors. Luckily the Googles don’t forget so easily.

Oh, and there seems to be a pattern of peddling racist caricatures @ this rag:


(h/t Gigi.)

You know the drill–Thunderbird is go, kiddies:

Rick Murphy, Editor

Jerry Della Femina, Publisher

James J. Mackin, Publisher

Kitty Merrill, News Editor

Carey London, Editor

Lisa Finn, Associate Editor

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