Apparently God does hand out cookies

by sassywho

As a resident of Kansas, I can’t tell you how much I laughed my ass off reading this trademark lawsuit, which basically boils down to a pissing contest between 2 anti-abortion extremists. I’ll break it down for ya: one charismatic dude is pissed off because another charismatic dude stole his namesake. This happened largely because extremist dude #1 (aka Randall Terry) did not register/trademark his gravy-train organization, the infamous radical anti-choice activist group Operation Rescue, fearing monetary damages  as a result of decades of harassment directed towards abortion providers (and women exercising their right to choose). Extremist dude #2 (aka Troy Neman) apparently saw the $$ signs and capitalized on the namesake and bidnez of embryo-saving.

It’s a long statement from extremist dude #1, and it does choke you up a bit when you read the part of how the guy lost his family, spent time in jail and basically became a savior for unborn bayyybeees, yet he couldn’t even save his own family from such unchristian-like behaviors. Honestly though, what would a trademark lawsuit be without the discussion of monetary value? The stakes are high when using a brand that became famous by terrorizing women and health care providers, and Extremist dude # 2 can’t afford to lose his place in the anti-choice hierarchy.

The pdf file is a bit lengthy to give a brief synopsis. However, it is summer, and if you are looking for a trashy read that includes Jimmy Buffet, The Chronicles of Narnia, bullies, threats and good ol’ fashioned blackmail, go check it out. Or, you can always wait for that used-car salesman snake oil salesman Troy Newman to roll into town with his Truth Trucks; I’m sure he would be happy to tell you why using the name Operation Rescue is valuable necessary.

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Sean Bell

by sassywho
From Vivir Latino:

About an hour ago, the three New York City Police officers charged with an array of charges for the November 25th, 2006 shooting death of 23 year old groom Sean Bell, were cleared of all charges. Unarmed, Sean Bell died in a hail of 50 some bullets outside a strip club where he was having his bachelor party.

I am gobsmacked by the denial of justice to not only Sean Bell and his family, but also to the communities that have been paralyzed by the legacy of police violence. Sean Bell’s death was not an accident; accidents do not involve 50 bullets. This was not a tragic misunderstanding or a situation gone awry; rather it was a brutal example of a life that has less worth because of the color of his skin. Kevin Powell talks about the structures in our society that breed these tragedies,

This is not to suggest that all police officers are trigger-happy and inhumane, because I do not believe that. They have a difficult and important job, and many of them do that job well, and maintain outstanding relationships with our communities. I know officers like that. But what I am saying is that New York, America, this society as a whole, still views the lives of Black people, of Latino people, of people of color, of women, of poor or working-class people, as less than valuable. It does not matter that two of the three officers charged in the Sean Bell case were officers of color and one White. What matters is the mindset of racism that permeates the New York Police Department, and far too many police departments across America. Shooting in self-defense is one thing, but it is never okay to shoot first and ask questions later, not even if a police officer “feels” threatened, not even if the source of that “feeling” is a Black or Latino person.

There is talk of a civil case and possibly the Justice Department getting involved, but this isn’t just about finding solace and recognition through other legal channels. This is about the institutions that authorized 3 men to open fire on the unarmed and the Judge who reinforced that authority.

Silence of sex workers

by sassywho

Renegade Evolution may be uninvited to this debate:

On Monday, April 21st, at 5:30 pm, in the Andrews Building on the Campus of William and Mary College, there will be a debate focusing on…you guessed it, porn (and presumably other sex work related stuff).

On the Anti Side, we shall have John Foubert, who is a professor of education at the college who adamantly and publicly opposed the Sex Workers Art Show. He is a self-identified feminist, and he believes that viewing pornography increases male sexual violence against women. He also believes that the SWAS is pornography, and thus that having it on campus increases the likelihood of rape for women at this school. He’s also the founder of the national all-male sexual assault prevention group 1-in-4 ( Also on the anti side will be Samantha (Sam) Berg. She’s the creator of the web-site She also seems to have coined the term “pornstitution,” and is a co-founder of the Antiporn Activist Network, and “has dedicated herself to educating people about the inherent harms of sexual capitalism.”

Apparently some prefer that sex workers know their place within a certain dogma, which excludes academic debate(?)

So, I seems I might be uninvited to the forum at William and Mary. Why? Because apparently, Sam Berg, who has been booked as a panelist longer than I and is traveling further than I, is uncomfortable with me being there. Apparently, once upon a time I said I wanted to push her in front of a truck.

Something radical feminists so often forget is that sex workers have voices that can neither be synthesized nor collected under their umbrella. Those voices do not need your permission, nor approval and there is something very wrong with your movement if you can’t recognize that.

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Happy Birthday Roe V. Wade

by sassywho

Blog for Choice Day
It’s the 35th anniversary of Roe V. Wade and Blog For Choice; NARAL wants to know why we vote pro-choice. After 35 years of legalization it’s hard to imagine why this very personal and intimate medical procedure is necessary of such vigilance in its continued support. Our public discourse is painted in caricatures and broadcasted with soundbites; there is little room for nuance or real women.

The average person can picture someone that has had an abortion, and very well may vote with her in mind. She’s the virginal woman whose fetus suffers a fetal abnormality, she’s the slut who can’t keep track of her lovers much less her cycle, she’s the rape victim, she’s the cancer patient, she’s the woman that birth control failed, she’s the drug addict, she’s the impoverished mother, she’s the incest victim, she’s the diabetes patient, she’s the irresponsible but promising college student, she’s the woman of ethnic background, she’s the career-driven bitch, she’s the vain one, she’s the taxed mother with 4 other children, she’s the mentally unstable woman, she’s the woman carrying the child of someone other than her husband, she’s the woman left by her lover; she’s the woman that many voters may pity.

While her circumstance may be acknowledged, she is not. If she was treated as a fully sentient, independent and whole individual do you believe that she would be forced to justify her choice to the phoned in straw polls every 4 years? A woman’s womb has become a permanent fixture in the town square, and the village is full of righteous shopkeepers. If she dare exercise her rights she had better be prepared to justify it to those around her with tales of woe or be forced to forgo inherent occupancy of her own body. How is this exchange any different than being declared mentally incompetent in order to obtain an abortion 40 years ago?

The justifications that women have been subjected to have been enacted through mandated wait times, parental consent, spousal approval, and even insurance coverage; a battle that also includes birth control. Voting pro-choice doesn’t focus exclusively on a woman’s right to obtain an abortion, it also subscribes to the belief that a woman is wholly capable to make the choice that is right for her within the recognized limits of the law. Unfortunately we live in a society where others(and there are plenty of them) believe women are less important than their potential to produce.

I vote pro-choice because I believe in women, their health, and the notion that every child in the world is a wanted one. I believe that women already cater to their loved ones enough to take into account what their wishes are, already care about making the world a better place to be resourceful in their paths, and know themselves well enough to have the wisdom that only comes from being the heiress of a uterus. I vote pro-choice because I trust women.

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Well, that was a long nap

by sassywho

My apologies for my prolonged absence bastard logicians! I’ve been… you know, here and there, doing this and that, with yo and yo , and just generally flying under the radar. Blame it on post-finals syndrome, cold then warm and back to cold winter weather here, or the fact that the Wingnuts really have taken over my city! Any of those excuses work well enough for me.

Before I lose track of my racing thoughts, the purpose of this post was to request a special Operation Prayer Shield for Zombie Z. It appears she left too many feminist magazines lying around, or whatever it is that attracts all defenders of good “godly” Christian women. Actually, she linked to one, and wouldn’t you know it, just like the locusts! So yeah, if you wouldn’t mind giving her some love, I means she’s getting tripe like this:

Your statement reveals that as far as the Biblical roles of men and women within the marriage relationship are concerned you are ignorant.

Fortunately this can remedied by reading one of the appropriate texts, Ephesians 5:22-33.

However once you read the relevant text, and you scoff at the model set forth, well that’s on you and truly nothing short of God working directly in your life will change that.

Oh and apparently there is a war on Christianity, why don’t I ever find these things out until it’s too late for me to book my tickets? Will it start at 8:00 PM on Fox like the Iraq war did? Will there be ribbon vehicle magnets?

So, yeah, hey thanks for the ear. I’ll be back with some prolific bitching shortly. In the meantime what’s new with you all?

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