ABC News: Obama ‘Bout Ta Pop a Cap in Jeff Zeleny’s Azz!

by matttbastard

Last night on Political Radar, Sunlen Miller of ABC  News breathlessly recounted a “testy” exchange between Barack Obama and NY Times reporter Jeff Zeleny re: Bill Clinton’s recent attempts at race baiting aggressive campaigning on behalf of Senator Clinton:

“I am trying to make sure that his statements by [President Clinton] are answered. Don’t you think that’s important?” Obama shot back, while walking away.

When Zeleny yelled a follow up question suggesting the Illinois senator had not answered the question, Obama fired back angrily, “Don’t try cheap stunts like that.”

Obama then walked away and shook hands with the mass of voters that surrounded him.

A few minutes later, Obama came back and confronted Zeleny again.

“I will answer your question though off the record, would you like to talk off the record?” Obama asked. Zeleny refused to go off the record and then motioned toward the gaggle of TV cameras gathered around him.

“Shot back.”

“Fired back angrily.”

“Confronted Zeleny.”

Shit, Poindexter was damn lucky BHO didn’t go all OJ on his Wonderbread behind!

Er, not so much:

Ok, to recap the Official Beltway Narrative: poor Jeff Zeleny bravely faced the wrath of The Angry Black Man, (leather) gloves off stylez, bwoi! 

Billary betta pray Baby Bam ain’t strapped in S.C this Saturday.


Sweet Jesus, I hate teh MSM.

 (Wow, I’ve been channelling Melissa McEwan quite a bit lately. Hope she don’t get all litigious on my angry negro booty.)

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PSA: 20th Anniversary of the Morgentaler Supreme Court Decision

by matttbastard

Via Choice Joyce @ Bread and Roses:

Events Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Morgentaler Decision

Toronto, Friday, January 25, 8:30 am – 5 pm. Symposium to Mark the 20th Anniversary of R v. Morgentaler, Of What Difference: Reflections on the Judgment and Abortion in Canada Today. This symposium will examine the significance of the judgment today: What difference has it made to women, providers, and the politics of abortion in Canada? Sponsored by NAF Canada and the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law. Location: Flavelle Classroom C, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Free registration. Register and find details at: Contacts: Dawn Fowler, or Joanna Erdman,

Toronto, Friday, January 25, 7:30pm. Fundraising Reception for National Abortion Federation Canada ‘s Patient Assistance Fund. Many women lack the resources to pay for costs associated with abortion care, such as transportation, childcare, and medications. Also, some women cannot access medical coverage and require financial support. Donations to this fund will allow NAF Canada to provide financial assistance when it is urgently needed. Textile Museum of Canada, 55 Centre Avenue. $30 per ticket or $50 for two tickets. RSVP by January 24 to or 250-598-1858.

Toronto, Saturday, January 26, 7pm. Another World is Possible: Cultures of Resistance. An evening of music, art, film, and poetry inspired by diverse struggles for justice as part of the World Social Forum Global Day of Action, and a special tribute to the reproductive choice movement on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Morgentaler Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in Canada. Featuring Dionne Brand, LAL, Marcelo Puente and Heather Chetwind, Choice Monologues, Ulla Laidlaw, PATAC (Phillipine Theatre Group), Global Aware Photo Exhibit, video on World Social Forum by Velcrow Ripper, and many other artists and performers. Free admission. Ryerson Student Campus Center, 55 Gould St. More info: Contact:

Ottawa, Monday, January 28, noon-1 pm. Planned Parenthood Ottawa will be peacefully standing outside the Morgentaler Clinic at 65 Bank Street to thank Dr. Henry Morgentaler and to remind everyone that there is still an ongoing struggle for accessibility nation-wide. If you would like to join us, please do. Bring pro-choice signs, bring your friends, sisters, brothers, coworkers, and neighboors. We anticipate anti-choice groups to be there as well. Also, on Tuesday, January 22, from 3pm-9pm, please come to a poster-making session for the rally at Planned Parenthood Ottawa, 251 Bank Street, Suite 201. Materials provided. Invitation and details:

Ottawa, Wednesday, January 30, 7-9:30 pm. Gala Night, featuring Honourable Senator Lucie Pepin, Judy Rebick, video presentation from Dr. Henry Morgentaler, and performers Lesley Hoyles (singer), the Asinabika Women’s Drumming Circle, and introducing Peggy Cooke, winner of the Pro-Choice Canada Contest. Free admission, but limited to 200 people. Location: House of Commons, Centre Block, Room 200. Invitation-only event: you must RSVP before Jan 28 to Tracey Bellingham at or 613-789-9958 ext 222 or toll-free 1-888-642-2725, ext 222.

Regina, Monday, January 28, 12:30-2:30 pm. Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Morgentaler Case. Enjoy tea and anniversary cake. Free admission. Location: Women’s Centre, University of Regina. More info: Also, in the days leading up to the event, there will be a “coat hanger campaign” to promote awareness of abortion rights.

Vancouver – Monday, January 28, 6-10 pm. The Morgentaler Decision: Before and Beyond. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historic Supreme Court decision that finally gave Canadian women true reproductive choice. Reception, cash bar, speaker’s panel with Jackie Larkin, Nitya Iyer and Shelagh Day. New documentary film “Henry.” Location: SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings St., Vancouver. Free admission. Poster with details: More info:

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Update: JJ preaches gospel:

Thanks to Dr. Morgentaler we have unrestricted reproductive choice. Thanks to Chantal Daigle, nobody can fuck with that choice by using (abusing) the legal system to force women to be unwilling incubators. Remember “freedom is on the march” and “let freedom reign” and “they hate us for our freedom”? Freedom is good!


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