Deep Thoughts, by Isabel.

Or not so much.

Warning, this is going to be a nerdy entry.

So, “monthiversary” is in fairly regular use at this point, as a way of indicating an event that happens monthly instead of yearly. It always looked a little awkward to me, and I want to explain why.

“Anniversary” comes from the Latin “anniversarius”, which of course comes from “annus” (year). Latin for “month” is “mensis” (which is where we get “menses”, incidentally (a plural of “month” which has come to stand for the monthly cycle of the vaginally-inclined)). So shouldn’t “monthiversary” really be “mensiversary”, or something similar? That way, there would be a modicum of consistency, at least.

Orrrr, we could go Proto Germanic (and really, why the hell not?) and use “mænoth” as the base, and make it “mænoversary”, couldn’t we?

These are the things that torture my brain while I am waiting for files to transfer.

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2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts, by Isabel.

  1. It’s nice to read things written by someone who cares about words, where they come from, what they mean, and how they’re used. I’ve never heard the term ‘monthiversary’ but my brain screams out in protest against it. I like mænoversary myself, and while it commits the grievous sin of combining two mutually foreign roots, so do words like homosexual (homo- being Greek, ‘same,’ and sex being Latin). And kudos for using the ligature æ! mmm… ligatures…


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