Late Night Logic: Apologizing For Bryan Adams

by matttbastard

Dear world,

We’re sorry. Really sorry. Here’s some proof that not all Canadian music is utter shite.



A Northern Chorus – Winterize

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A Moment Of Silence

by matttbastard

RIP, Western Standard, which recently joined The Alberta Report in the undistinguished canon of defunct Canadian right wing propaganda rags. Chock it up to the curse of Ted Byfield, or the market firmly declaring its disinterest in subsidizing Conservative pump organs (the ‘invisible middle finger’, so to speak).

Take your pick.

Maybe poor Ezra Levant should give up any delusions of “ramping the [Western Standard] website up into a Canadian version of Townhall or a conservative version of the Huffington Post,” as Mark Steyn suggested, and instead try his hand at something more up his alleyway. Like cattle farming, for instance. One could argue that Levant has already made plain his aptitude for shoveling large quantities of bullshit.

(h/t The Galloping Beaver)

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