Quote of the Day: Comfortably Numb

by matttbastard

What’s most infuriating about all this is the simple refusal of the anti-MMP side to deal with the reality of Ontario politics: a vast majority of voters simply do not matter, myself included. In my riding, I can either vote for the incumbent, and simply pad his victory margin, or I can vote for another candidate and not be counted at all. And that’s it. Those are my choices, once every four years. If you read the Star or the Globe, you’d think this either a) didn’t matter (I am a smelly hippy, after all) or b) isn’t true (I’m a figment of my own imagination.) As Greg Morrow has pointed out, the outcome of this election is going to be determined by about 75,000 people — that’s it. Or, to put it another way, if you’re one of the 98.5% of Ontarians who didn’t get a golden ballot [today], and you’d like that to change, then vote for MMP [today].

– John @ Dymaxion World, Why you should vote for MMP [today]

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Vote for MMP

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