Sunday Blogwhoring: Gotta Have Friends

by matttbastard

To all the folks @ Bread & Roses (Debra, Godammitkitty, fern, skdadl, berlynn, deBeauxOs etc etc etc); to JJ, Prole and pale; to boomgate, Isabel, and sassywho (best cobloggers EVAR) : thank you. For everything.

Love, muchly.

(big ups da one Shakespeare’s Sistah!)

Alas, a blog: Feminism is not your expectation. (thanks for the acknowledgment, Mandolin)

Kiko’s House: Why Is Gay Hating James Dobson Still Licensed As a Therapist in Colorado? (MUST read – who sez bloggers can’t do quality journalism?)

The Heathlander: Unworthy victims (h/t The Cylinder)

elle, phd: Really, This Is Not Wholly a Post to Gain Your Sympathy

Dawg’s Blawg: US activist “not welcome in Canada”

nexy’s cocoon: statistics

TransAdvocate: Methodist Judicial Council To Rule On The Sin of Transgenderism

Trans Group Blog: Call for Transsexual Narratives (h/t nexyjo)

misscripchick: here’s your cookie

Feline Formal Shorts: NPR on Nooses (Oh, hell no they didn’t go there? Yup, they did.)

The Unapologetic Mexican: Racism in a time of Need (h/t Tom)

Slap Upside The Head: The Editorialist’s Wacky Perspective

pogge: A solution in search of a problem

A Creative Revolution: Eat all your ethanol, there’s children starving in Africa!

Shakesville: Women are not prey. Oh, and by the way, they’re not toilets, either.

Staged Awareness: (untitled)

Objectify This: Showdown: Chauvinist Humor vs. Racist Rhetoric

Politics’n’Poetry: Navajos seek funds to clear uranium contamination

April Reign: Fighting Back or Prince hates Babies

Girl, Dislocated: Foreign dislocation

Too Sense: Jockey Syndrome And The Dream Act

Le Revue Gauche: Contracting Out Harpers War, Hidden Costs of Harper’s War and Fight or Else

Impolitical: Afghanistan out of control

The Galloping Beaver: As the Bush administration scrambles for a legacy…

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Quote Of The Day: Unreliable Narrators

by matttbastard

To a New Yorker, the idea of Rudy as a liberal or even a moderate is unreal, topsy-turvy — like describing George McGovern as a hawk or Pat Buchanan as a Zionist. The case for Giuliani’s moderation rests mainly on three overblown issues — guns, gay rights and abortion — and even in those cases, his deviation from conservative orthodoxy is far milder than is usually suggested.The “social” and “cultural” issues that divide Americans encompass much more than guns, gay rights and abortion. They include state support of religion; the legitimacy of dissenting speech; the president’s right to keep information secret; the place of fair procedures in dispensing justice. The Bush administration’s hard-line stands on these matters have polarized the nation as much as the Iraq war has. And on these issues, Giuliani is just as hard-line as the man he’d like to succeed.

If you’ve managed to keep liking President Bush, you’d have no trouble loving President Giuliani.

– David Greenberg, Rudy a Lefty? Yeah, Right.

More from Lower Manhattanite on just how much some New Yorkers with personal ties to Rudy absolutely adore America’s Mayor™:

…Rudy Giuliani is that rare beast that engenders ill-will at every stop in his climb to lord it over the last bunch of people he worked with. And in so doing, his list of fucked-over folk who hold a grudge against him is as long as his now-defunct combover was once wide.

Related: McClatchy – GOP candidates run hard to the right.

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Operation Prayer Shield 2: We Can Has Privat Sekurity Contrakterzs!

by matttbastard

They have the power of the Holy Spirit; we have drunken monkey mercenaries.

(I’m really surprised the US State Dept doesn’t immediately cancel its contract with Blackwater in favour of an arrangement similar to ours–bad publicity and $1000 per day per contractor vs all the Mai Tais a monkey can drink? I know a bargain when I see one.)

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Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

by boomgate

Late last night while trying to find something decent on TV, I was saw this video on Rage. Oh, sweet memories.

Rage is all night music video show where bands/artists are asked to program a show for at least four hours. Last night, Architecture In Helsinki were in charge.

From Australia’s most successful unsuccessful group, The Go-Betweens.