“In Solidarity For Equality”

Via Marti Abernathey: Donna Rose – the first and only openly transgender member of the Board of Directors of the Human Rights Campaign; national co-chair for Diversity; co-chair appointee-elect for the Business Council.

Donna Rose – Choosing solidarity for equality:

I hereby submit my resignation from my post on the Board of the Human Rights Campaign effective Monday Oct. 8, 2007. I call on other like-minded board members, steering committee leaders, donors, corporate sponsors, and volunteers to think long and hard about whether this organization still stands for your values and to take decisive action as well. More than simply a question of organization policy, this is a test of principle and integrity and although it pains me greatly to see what has happened it is clear to me that there can only be one path. Character is not for compromise. I cannot align myself with an organization that I can’t trust to stand-up for all of us. More than that, I cannot give half-hearted support to an organization that has now chosen to forsake the tenets that have guided my efforts from day one.

To quote Populuxe in ObWi comments, “trans people were on the front lines of the fight for queer rights first. Abandoning them now is like pissing on Sylvia Rivera‘s grave.”

Related: Barney Frank responds to Lambda Legal’s analysis of the SPLENDA bill:

“…the one change that is made substantively from the old bill to the new one that I reintroduced is to drop gender identity.” No words have been added or subtracted that make it easier to fire a gay man because of some effort to transform homophobia into dislike of effeminacy and I believe the law continues to be a strong bulwark against that.

Well, isn’t that a relief – it’s only transpeople who’re getting fucked over by the cowards in Congress. That certainly changes everything *exhales*. Tracy Baim doesn’t think much of Frank’s perversion of pragmatism:

Rep. Frank’s rationale for these maneuvers sounds good on paper, but does not represent the reality for our community. We cannot ever justify exclusion as a course of action. To sever a significant part of our community would be wrong. If it takes losing “T” to get our rights, none of us should want those rights.

Speaking of spineless CongressCritters, Jerame Davis calls out three Democratic holdouts on the inclusive ENDA bill:

Baron Hill of Indiana’s 9th District, Joe Donnelly of Indiana’s 2nd District, and Brad Ellsworth of Indiana’s 8th District are three of the House Democrats holding out on HB 2015, the original – and trans-inclusive – ENDA legislation.


What the hell? Every time there is a queer issue that gets shot down, one or more of these three Indiana Democrats have their name attached to the controversy. And it’s usually not on the side of inclusion, equality, or progressive values.

Indiana residents click through to find contact information for each Representative.

Also: 24 hrs after stabbing its transgender constituency in the back, HRC tries to staunch the bleeding; Rebecca Juro continues her righteous assault on Joe and Co:

Proven liars, proven sellouts, proven panderers to the unreasonable fears of cowardly politicians, the Human Rights Campaign can no longer be credibly considered community leaders by anyone in our community who truly believes that we are, in fact, one community, and that this community defines political success as succeeding together, leaving no one behind.

More on HRC’s latest maneuver (and Barney Frank’s bullshit) from Pam Spaulding (make sure to read the comments; eastsidekate= pure WIN: “Barney Frank supports the right of Barney Frank to not be discriminated against for being Barney Frank. How generous.”)

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Hump Day Music Spotlight: Spotlighting The Tears Of A Tory Edition


In this campaign, one might presume that Premier Dalton McGuinty would be facing most of the fire over his broken promises – whether from outraged taxpayers or parents of autistic children or drivers on the 407. But it isn’t so. Rather, it is Tory who is on the firing line, with his proposal to extend public funding to “faith-based” schools.

– Ian Urqhart, Limelight not the spot for Tory

One day after taking a battering from all sides over his backtracking on funding for faith-based schools, Tory paused to compose himself when recounting the plight of a woman he met while visiting Flemingdon Park, a low-income, high-crime neighbourhood in northeast Toronto.

She “greeted me at the door with her disabled son in a wheelchair who had his tonsils out,” Tory said, his voice cracking, “and in the course of having his tonsils out he had damage done to his brain – an ordinary operation to have his tonsils out.”

“She’d moved the hospital bed on to the main floor of her house in Flemingdon Park because he had to sleep there in the living room … and she told me that she had to carry him up the stairs … only once a day to go to the bathroom. This is a boy of 8 years old so he probably weighed about 65 pounds – she’s a reasonably small woman.”

Tory said he mentioned the encounter in a speech on Sept. 5 and a woman in the audience then told her husband, who offered to donate an old lift device for the stairs so the boy can more easily get to the bathroom upstairs.

“So right now, they’re looking in that unit – and I’m dealing with the housing corporation from the back of my bus – to see if we can possibly put that into that woman’s home,” he said, adding he’s also arranged free installation for the stair-lift.

I’m just telling you when I see those things, that’s the way I react. How can we possibly live with ourselves when we have that kind of thing going on in a wealthy society like this?

– Robert Benzie, Plight of poor brings Tory to tears

(Yes, Saint John has always been renowned for displaying empathy towards the disabled.)

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CFLF Round Up

by matttbastard

Recent posts by yours truly exclusive to Comments From Left Field:

Also, you still have until Tuesday to help Comments From Left Field reach our goal of raising $10,000 for Fisher House in honour of Sgt. Omar Mora and Sgt. Yance T. Gray. Thanks to all who have donated and helped spread the word.

Only wish I had something more substantial to offer this evening. Hopefully young mister bastard has more mental oomph in the ‘morrow. For now, shall succumb to inertia and hopefully soon visit the realm of Morpheus.

Remember: cast your vote in the referendum on 10/10 and help make history!

Vote for MMP

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