Radical Fun Day: Cheering For Equality, USE, And Some Shameless Plugging

by matttbastard




Yeah, it doesn’t get more RadFun than United State of Electronica.


Of course, the lovecats of newmindspace and robotpilot industries also fit the bill, as do those shameless Jagerfiends @ Nocturnal Commissions (pray for their livers). Just remember: there’s more than enough radical fun in the world to make every day Radical Fun Day. Go forth, brethren, make is so, and remember these words of wisdom from Slim Goodbody:

(Damn, that motherfucker freaked me out when I was a kid.)

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At Least The Acronym Was Right

by sassywho

Former Kansas Attorney General and current Johnson County D.A. Phil Kline is making good use of his concession position, continuing to demonstrate a complete lack of trust for elected officials and duly appointed regulatory agencies. Despite losing his reelection bid last fall, Kline is once again up to his old tricks, using his new position of (reduced) authority as a political and ideological platform to once again put the screws to Planned Parenthood in Overland Park. Of course, these latest charges (107, including 23 felonies) would seem completely reasonable– if one believes that the entire state of Kansas is under the spell of malicious elves who eat fetuses for breakfast, lunch and dinner (alas, stillborns are mere snacks).

If only such elves existed outside of Kline’s imagination.

During his Attorney General days, Kline abused public funds to harass those who respect reproductive rights, flaunting his embarrassing control/savior complex in the process. Klein’s successor as state AG, Paul Morrison, cleared Planned Parenthood shortly after taking office. Morrison, to my knowledge is not receiving kickbacks from fetus-fattened elves.

Most reasonable citizens would give more weight to the case if the evidence had not been collected under the aegis of an obvious phishing expedition.

Where did Kline obtain the information that he used to file charges – from the regulatory agencies that are responsible for monitoring medical records? Via a patient complaint? Or was it from the files that Kline made copies of on his way out the door when he was democratically demoted?

Planned Parenthood is an important resource not only to women of a certain socioeconomic class but also society as a whole, one that equally values women, children and family. Of course, for the poor souls who actually believe in blood-thirsty, fetus-hungry elves, there is an efficient way to put a wrinkle into the number of abortions that Planned Parenthood performs: support PP financially, so it can afford to focus on its birth control efforts, rather than wasting funds defending itself in court. From a purely economic standpoint, a live birth is 30 x’s more profitable (apparently P.P. is in the wrong business). It’s a challenge for those who value penance over prevention to make that distinction.

However, having children should never be a punishment. A District Attorney has no business determining for women or their health care providers whether or not medical procedures meet the qualifications of arbitrary considerations, but rather legal considerations. And, as far as I’m concerned, the top law official of the state has already spoken — in direct contradiction to D.A. Kline’s conclusions.

But what does that matter in a world full of elves who love the blood of tasty aborted babies?

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In a shrewd, calculated move

by sassywho

The all so bastardly lovable Mattt has invited me to contribute here. Since it’s radically fun day, I’m going to keep this intro pretty light, which suits me well since I’m quite silly. Normally I blog at I never leave the house without incident, but don’t be fooled by the serious feminismish topics that I write about; I also have a disturbing fascination with chicken jokes, bodily functions, penises, and my lack of preparation for life in general.

I live in Kansas and often find myself at odds with my surroundings. Or perhaps it’s the other way around–I’m not sure. My immediate goals including graduating, traveling around the United States in an Airstream R.V. visiting obscure festivals and making myself as obvious as possible.

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Slacker Friday: Half An Ass Is Better Than None

by matttbastard

Still recovering from a recent bout with the flu, so this week’s edition is even more slacker-iffic than usual. Hopefully by Monday I (and the rest of the bastard.logic crew) will have mitigated all overriding meatworld concerns enough to at least mail it in, as opposed to phoning it in (hell–forget half-assed telecom blogging; we’re talking two tin cans tied together with string here).

With that said, onward ho, dear readers!

  • As the FCC in the US considers loosening cross-ownership regulations that currently prevent companies from owning both print and broadcast media in a single market, Adbusters illustrates what we in Canada have known for several years: extreme media convergence stifles press freedom to the point of asphyxiation.
  • If you haven’t been reading Hope and Onions lately you’ve been missing out on some superlative citizen journalism. Godammitkitty has been burning the midnight oil all this week providing in depth coverage of current events like the Throne Speech and the Mukasey AG confirmation hearings (here, here here and here). Did I mention she’s doing all this hard goddamn work without getting paid? Take that, Glenn Greenwald.
  • Libby Spencer looks at a most creative direct action campaign directed against the ruling Burmese junta (no gussets, no peace!)
    : Even as Bush promises harsher sanctions against the junta, a recent PINR briefing shows that the US and EU are not the actors most relevant to Burma’s economic well being. Even China’s potential leverage has been overstated, according to the briefing, which advises that “the importance of trading partners within A.S.E.A.N. [Association of Southeast Asian Nations], especially Thailand, should not be overlooked.” But, as reported in the Times of India, “ASEAN will urge Myanmar’s military junta to end its bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters but it will “never” suspend the country from the regional grouping,” according to Malaysian Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Alabar. (More from PINR on Burma here, here and here)
  • Last, but most certainly not least, as my intial contribution to Blogging For Radical Fun Day, a kickass selection of hawdcoar vids from the fine folks @ Underground Operations, guaranteed to get yr heads a-bangin’ and rumps a-shakin’ prior to the weekend (more to come later tonight, Tom — I promise):

Hostage Life – This Song Was Written By A Committee

Protest The Hero – Heretics And Killers

The Holly Springs Disaster – Up In Smoke

I Hate Sally – Hannah Hannah

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