Sunday Blogwhoring: Slowly Catching Up Edition

by matttbastard

Close out the weekend properly with this fresh batch of primo posts (as always, props to the Bard’s female sibling):

Too Sense: White Cops Refer To Mostly Black Unit As “The Slave Ship” (h/t Racialicious)

All About Race: Judge Mauffray’s odious revenge: jailing Mychal Bell and Jailing Mychal Bell: Governor Kathleen Blanco assures business as usual

Blackamazon: By hook by crook (h/t Tom @ Automatic Preference)

Impolitical: Harper exploiting Canadians’ privacy rights to his electoral advantage?

The Galloping Beaver: Why listen to experts when you can get politicians to promote the big lie

Le Revue Gauche: Mr. Dithers Accidental War

Pharyngula: FFRF recap: heroes of the revolution, Hitchens screws the pooch, and the unbearable stodginess of atheists (h/t Andrew Sullivan)

Slant Truth: Hip Hop Blogging (many thanks for the props, Kevin!)

Pam’s House Blend: WND fundies fleecing faithful with ‘personal Christmas-defense kit’

Slap Upside The Head: Calgary Mayor Doesn’t “Condone” Gays

TransAdvocate: ENDA The Status Quo and Hero Worship

William K. Wolfrum: How about we stop drugging deportees and drug citizens instead?

Thinking Girl: individual responsibility in a culture of domination

Dawg’s Blawg: Al Gore’s crimes

A Creative Revolution: Well well…look who’s behind the UK Gore attack.

Birth Pangs: Save Lives! Support Ron Paul for Prez! (geez, Fern almost has me reconsidering my decided lack of enthusiasm for Paul — almost) and Fetus Coalition Party: Disinterest in the Ranks

Shakesville: Explainer: What’s an MRA? (h/t Thinking Girl – as advised, be sure to check out the 400+ comments — but take caution whilst sipping a beverage, else you inhale up the shnoz/do a Danny Kaye spit-take/choke with laughter)

Kai Chang: The White Liberal Conundrum (h/t Donna & Kevin)

Intrapolitics: An open letter to white progressives about Jena (h/t Donna)

Canuck Attitude: The Queen Of Denial Doesn’t Live In Egypt

Idealistic Pragmatist: Yankees = Liberals

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Checking In

by matttbastard

Have enjoyed a grand weekend in the Big Smoke with one of my esteemed cobloggers, the loverly and talented Isabel. Went to a ‘grindhouse’-themed burlesque show Friday night; The Art House Cabaret @ Buddies in Bad Times Theatre Saturday. Have experienced more deliciously debased cultural events in one weekend than I have in years.

Will attempt to write a proper recap sometime on Monday (but don’t quote me on that – am notorious for not following through in the past on similar promises).

Am totally out of the loop with regards to what’s going on in the world, so my apologies for not posting anything of real substance. The Thin Black Duke has a good round up of less meringue-like offerings to keep y’all satiated until I get back into the proper swing of things. Also check out Todd’s post @ Shakesville on totally gay pulp fiction (which perfectly ties into Saturday night’s activities, of which I shall hopefully–hopefully–expand upon tomorrow) and Kyle once again poking the miniature elephant at the mother ship (hey, my hands are hardly clean in this regard).

Update: Ok, this is substantial: Marti Abernathey has the latest on ENDA and HRC (which as of late has become more and more comfortable accepting its apparent role as the rainbow branch of the Democratic National Committee’s communication department).

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