“You got me so that my nerves are breaking”


Late night Hump Day rawk out continues unabated:


Afro-Punk (AKA The Story of My Life)


Pretty much sums up my adolescence/early adulthood/current state of existence (I’m so old I remember when being black and playing rock/punk/metal was a radical, disruptive act, etc):

Bonus: Interview w/ James Spooner, director of Afro-Punk: The Movie:

Also, too: Live performances (because AGGRO):


Concert of the Day

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode – Live At The Pasadena Rose Bowl (1988)


1. Master and Servant


3. Behind the Wheel

4. Strangelove

5. Blasphemous Rumours

6. Stripped

7. Somebody

8. Black Celebration

9. Pleasure, Little Treasure

10. Just Can´t Get Enough

11. Everything Counts

12. Never Let Me Down Again

Watch Depeche Mode – Live At The Pasadena Rose Bowl (1988) after the cut: Continue reading