PSA: Vote for MMP Online drive launched

by matttbastard

Vote for MMP

Press Release:

Vote for MMP today announced the launch of an online pledge and donation drive to reach millions of Ontario voters between now and the historic October 10 electoral reform referendum. On October 10, Ontarians will vote on whether to adopt the mixed member proportional (MMP) voting system recommended by the independent Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform.

This morning the first wave of emails went out to tens of thousands of Ontario voters directing them to On the campaign site, visitors are invited to sign the “MMP for Me!” pledge indicating their intention to vote for the mixed member proportional voting system.

In addition, visitors will be asked to donate just $10.10 – a figure reflecting the October 10 (or 10/10) referendum date.

“A single donation of $10.10 will not change the world,” said online campaign co-director Jim Harris. “But if thousands and then tens of thousands of ordinary voters see that together we can make history and build a stronger democracy – then all of those small donations will make a big difference.”

The MMP system was recommended by the Citizens’ Assembly after eight months of intensive study, consultation and deliberation. The Assembly included supporters of all parties and points on the political spectrum, as well as one voter from each riding in the province and reached a near unanimous conclusion to recommend MMP over the current first-past-the-post system. First-past-the-post voting was scrapped by most major democracies last century because it routinely distorts results, creates a huge portion of votes that elects no one, and usually hands majority control to a single party
without majority support.

Vote for MMP is a citizens’ campaign organized to support the recommendation of the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. The campaign is building a multi-partisan network of grassroots supporters, as well as a growing list of prominent Ontarians, who support the move to MMP in the coming referendum.

Vote for MMP

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One thought on “PSA: Vote for MMP Online drive launched

  1. I remain jealous of the way your province took it upon itself to rationally study the best methods of government, include as many people as possible in the discussion and ultimate selection of a recommendation, and finally put it to a vote for all the people to decide.

    I don’t see it happening in New York unless we secede from the Union and join Ontario.

    And hey, now that I mention it, that’s not a bad idea anyway….


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