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Captain Lefever says it is unfair to compare US antiterror interrogations with Soviet interrogation techniques. “Their abuse was a systematic practice to conceal the truth,” he says. “If [Jose] Padilla was abused, then it was for a righteous purpose – to reveal the truth.”

Warren Richey, US Gov’t broke Padillia through intense isolation, say experts, The Christian Science Monitor

Via Maha.

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Alvaro Orozco Update

by matttbastard

Via Terry Glavin: Following a failed bid for asylum, gay Nicaraguan refugee Alvaro Orozco has gone into hiding:

Alvaro Orozco, 22, has been holed up at a friend’s place since Thursday, when his refugee claim was denied, but came out briefly over the weekend to speak to CBC News.

“Most of the time, I’m hiding because I’m not supposed to be anywhere. I feel like a fugitive. It’s really bad,” said Orozco.


He based his refugee claim on the fact that it is against the law to be gay in Nicaragua, where an anti-sodomy law was enacted in 1992.

“It wasn’t like lots of countries where they still have the laws, but they’re like residues of old times and they’re not acted upon. [The law] was a clear intention to persecute people and actually this does happen to this day,” said Suhail Abulsameed of Support Our Youth, a gay support group in Toronto that has been helping Orozco.

NDP MP Olivia Chow has also taken up the case, and is pressuring Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley to allow the Nicaraguan man to stay in Canada.

At this point, his last chance is to be accepted under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Please contact Immigration Minister Diane Finley and ask that she let Orozco remain in Canada.

Parliament Hill Office:

Fax:(613) 996-9749

Simcoe Riding Office:

Fx:(519) 426-0003

Dunville Riding Office:

Fx:(905) 774-9281

Update: Will update contact info if Finley gets shuffled out of Immigration on Tuesday.

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Mass Murder as Panacea Update: Stu Now Sez New 9/11 Not Actually Needed, Just Would Be ‘Helpful’

by matttbastard

Bykofsky backpedals:

MY HYPOTHESIS last week that another 9/11 attack would unite America was wrong, judging by e-mail and voice-mail responses. When I stopped reading at 1,000 (lots more unread) roughly 65 percent disagreed with me, many violently and obscenely.


I led my column saying, ‘I was thinking another 9/11 would help America.’ I was speculating on the effect of an attack, not calling for it. Later I said I had no doubt terrorists are planning to attack us again. ‘If it is to be, then let it be.’ I am resigned to an attack, not calling for it.

Ah, I see. We all know that another cataclysmic terror attack by freedom-hating ragheads is inevitable. Amercians should at least take advantage of the opportunity, put aside their petty differences (rule of law smule of law – LET’S ROLL!), make omelettes and lemonade and serve it at a huge bipartisan Nuremberg brunch! No French toast or hummus on the menu, I presume.

At least Stu has managed to unite a good number of Americans (and non*ahem*) in the conclusion that he’s a fucking dipshit.

Related: Via Avedon Carol, William K. Wolfrum has his own proposal for unity, infinitely more modest than Bykofsky’s.

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MC Rove Has Left the Building (UPDATED)

by matttbastard

Don’t let the door hit your ass…

(TSOM video inspired by Hilzoy.)


Update 2: Official White House announcement – Turdblossom is “movin’ on down the road”.


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