PSA: Justice for Sara Jaffar Nimat!


by matttbastard

Update 08/26: Based on the information contained in Azadiya Welat’s comment, I have sent the following email to OWFI: After drafting a blog post on honor killings in Kurdish Iraq, a commenter brought to my attention the fact that Khanaqin, the city where the vicious stoning of Sara Jaffar Nimat occurred, is actually still under the control of the Diyala governorate, not the autonomous Kurdish region, although last year the town council voted to be separated from control of the Diyala governorate and be allowed to join the Autonomous Kurdistan region, with a referendum scheduled for December 2007.

At this time, what effect if any will petitioning representatives of the KRG have with regards to bringing ‘immediate justice’ to Sara Jaffar Nimat? Should I not be directing my readers to petition the Diyala governorate/central Iraqi government with regards to this specific incident?

Further clarification on this apparent discrepancy would be greatly appreciated.

Will update further once I have received a response.


Condemn another hideous stoning of an 11 years old girl inKurdistan houzanmahmud-saraja3far1308.jpg

Sara Jaffar Nimat is an 11-year-old girl from the town of Khanaqin in Iraqi Kurdistan. She was murdered on the 3rd August.

The painful, degrading and horrific killing of Sara is another outrageous crime against young girls and women in Kurdistan. Sara was only in fifth grade at school. Loved by her friends, they played together on the night she was killed.

Sara’s body was found in a nearby empty building. It had been hit by bricks, stones, and then burnt. There is not much information yet about who committed such a barbaric crime against an innocent young girl.

Killings of young girls and women in Kurdistan are rapidly rising and such killings occur even more openly than before. After the murder of Du’a Khalil Aswad, a 17-year-old Yazidi girl stoned to death in public, at least another 40 women have been killed – among them Amina, a 12 year old girl killed by her father, under the pretext that she was “in love with a neighbor”, and Sara an 11-year-old.

We have consistently demanded that the government in Kurdistan must bring to justice those responsible for these terrible murders, but it seems that compromising with tribes and war lords, and neglecting women’s rights are more high up on the agenda of the parties in power than protecting women at risk. Therefore violence against women is now targeting females who are as young as 11 years old.

This is a dangerous situation; our society is not safe for its women. Our streets, homes, and buildings, are all places which murder takes place in them. Women can no longer trust their male relatives; they fear their own fathers, brothers, and husbands. What kind of society is this if women don’t feel safe at any time or place?

We strongly condemn this horrific killings and demand immediate justice for Sara.

We call upon all of you to write letters of protest to the Kurdistan Regional Government demanding:

-Justice for Sara, Amina, Du’a and many more women and girls who have been killed.

-end to all kinds of violence against women and so called honour killings.

-recognizing women as a human being and consider equal rights for them by law.

Houzan Mahmoud

Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq- Representative Abroad



After the cut, contact information for the Kurdistan Regional Government, and Everywoman on honour killings.

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Quote of the Day: Michael Vick Edition

by matttbastard

Americans pay devoted, emotional and hypocritical lip service to their love of animals. I say hypocritical because many of the individuals that work themselves into a lather at the hint of a cross word or look at an animal won’t utter a peep in protest to stop the killing and maiming of old men, women, and children in Iraq. They won’t send a letter, fax or email to protest the genocide in Darfur and the Congo, or that occurred in Rwanda. They were stone-silent on the hundreds of men that rotted on America’s death row for years and came within a hairs breath of having their lives snuffed out but were later exonerated. But animals are different the animal rights defenders say. They can’t defend themselves. The inference is that humans can. Try selling that tired, self-serving line to the victims of war, genocide and the injustices in the criminal justice system. They are dead, precisely because they were defenseless.

– Earl Ofari Hutchison, America’s Wildly Overblown Vick Hysteria, Alternet

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