“Straight Talk” = “Ghetto”–If You’re a WOC

by matttbastard

In response to this TIME magazine article examining recent GOP attacks directed towards Michelle Obama, Jim Geraghty of NRO’s The Campaign Spot gleefully “reports” (in a fair and balanced manner, natch) more evidence of, as an anonymous wingnut blog commenter quoted by TIME so eloquently labels it, the “the bitter, anti-American, ungrateful, rude, crude, ghetto, angry Michelle Obama” meme. Yes, because apparently in the puny little mind of the *ahem* typical GOP voter a woman of colour who dares to speak her mind (ie, regularly engage in a little straight talk) is patently offensive (and, um, ghetto).  Jesus fuck.

So much wrong on the internet lately–including this (I’m sure well-intentioned) Kossack photochop that depicts Michelle Obama being lynched.

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by matttbastard

Fernanda Diaz of Glamour Magazine’s political blog Glamocracy thinks Senator Clinton should stop acting like such a man:

I resent the fact that Hillary is now inescapably a symbol of women in power, and that women for years to come will be compared to her. I have a problem with this because I’m used to a new kind of woman leader, one who doesn’t have to try so hard to fit in with the boys and prove that she can be aggressive and ruthless just to be taken seriously. By acting in such a decidedly un-feminine manner, Clinton has actually made it harder for us who had already felt accepted as leaders without resorting to those measures—now, it will be harder for women in my generation who don’t act like her to be taken seriously.

Apparently Backlash has replaced 1984 as the user manual for the zeitgeist.

h/t Feministing

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