by matttbastard

Fernanda Diaz of Glamour Magazine’s political blog Glamocracy thinks Senator Clinton should stop acting like such a man:

I resent the fact that Hillary is now inescapably a symbol of women in power, and that women for years to come will be compared to her. I have a problem with this because I’m used to a new kind of woman leader, one who doesn’t have to try so hard to fit in with the boys and prove that she can be aggressive and ruthless just to be taken seriously. By acting in such a decidedly un-feminine manner, Clinton has actually made it harder for us who had already felt accepted as leaders without resorting to those measures—now, it will be harder for women in my generation who don’t act like her to be taken seriously.

Apparently Backlash has replaced 1984 as the user manual for the zeitgeist.

h/t Feministing

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7 thoughts on “ZOMG PANTSUIT!!!11

  1. I’m not sure exactly what kind of behavior Ms. Diaz engages in but I haven’t seen any of this “decidedlyun-feminine” behavior Senator Clinton is supposed to be exhibiting. In fact, I have seen grace, decorum, and good manners from the Senator. She doesn’t smack her gum, spit, chew tobacco, slouch, curse, scratch herself, or bare her breasts, a la Girls Gone Stupid, in public. What is it she has done that so outrages Ms. Diaz’s little frilly mind? Oh yeah, she’s a woman, of a certain age, who doesn’t act like a simpering ninny around men and has the temerity to, ya know, be out in public and everything. Doubtless I would offend Ms. Diaz, since my mom uniform consists of jeans, t-shirts, and flats, I wear my hair sensibly short, and can’t be bothered with mascara, and I’ve been known to speak my mind and not suffer fools. Like Ms. Diaz.


  2. Thanks, JJ!

    BP: Butbubut Clinton has the nerve to act like a real politician, like she possessed balls and stuff (why, she even drinks demon alcohol with men who aren’t her spouse!) I can’t fathom what sort of example she’s setting for young ladies coming of age! Why-oh-why can’t she just nurture her way to the Oval Office (y’know, for the children)?


  3. Nah, she should be wearing that white dress ike the one on the front page of the New York Post (see Shakesville). Geez, I’m having this terribly contradictory desire to have Sen. Clinton quit just so I can get some relief from this shite. Do you think that’s what the plan is?


  4. Would it be better if she wore a skirt instead? Really? Or baked some pies and brought it with her on the campaign trail? I guess some people are confused as to whether or not she’s a woman. Maybe some cleavage will solve that.


  5. Apparently Backlash has replaced 1984 as the user manual for the zeitgeist.

    Fucking genius.

    I read the post on Feministing about this article, and it kind of surprised me that they missed what seems to me to be an obvious point (probably came up in comments, but I shudder at the thought of comment threads) – why the fuck does one female politician define how every other female politician is going to be expected to behave in future? How the hell is it fair to ask Hillary to do anything other than what she thinks is best for her political career because it might make it tough for other women to do what they think is best for their own damn careers in their own damn ways?

    Have we missed the part where we let Hillary Clinton be just a political candidate, not Representative Woman? It’s on the fucking checklist, people.


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