Scream For Me, London

by matttbastard

Jesus– Bernie Wooster Boris Johnson did it, knocking off two-term incumbent “Red” Ken Livingstone and becoming mayor of (formerly swinging, now moping) London.  The unlikely victory was emblematic of the record-setting series of council elections across England and Wales, in which the Conservatives absolutely trounced (New) Labour:

Johnson’s victory capped a highly successful 24 hours for the Tories, who won 44% of the vote in the separate council elections in England and Wales, convincing many Conservatives that they are on their way to Downing Street. “This is like the March on Rome in 1922,” one shadow minister said as Johnson inched towards victory. Johnson will not march into London’s City Hall surrounded by blackshirts in the manner of Benito Mussolini’s supporters when they staged their coup d’état in 1920s Italy. But the lighthearted reference to 1922 gave a taste of the high Tory spirits.

Yes, I know that, for me, the first adjective that comes to mind after hearing a pithy (if unintentionally accurate) reference to fascism is “lighthearted” (said shadow minister must have missed the memo re: Mussolini’s liberal roots).  No wonder so many purported “progressives” were able to shrug off Johnson’s “lighthearted” racism and homophobia in the lead up to the vote.  Regardless, I’m sure there are innumerable watermelon smiles today throughout the suburbs and Tory caucus; I just hope the up-is-down Euston set realize exactly what their ever-so-decent myopia has helped rationalize into existence.

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Yes, more questions

by boomgate

At some point, we have all felt like the most attractive person in the room, as well as the least attractive. What we look like may not change a huge amount. But how others react to us can vary arbitrarily.

When someone looks past you in favour of another person they deem more attractive, why does this hurt so much, even if you aren’t interested? Is this worse than having someone talk to you solely on the basis of your appearance?

In some ways I wonder why these things bother me so much and why they bother so many other people out there. Despite what else you might achieve, women are taught on a daily basis that what we look like the most important thing. I realise that basing your self worth on your appearance can often be self destructive. However, like many things, knowing the basis of an inclination doesn’t stop it from existing.

As for myself, I have been giving these questions a lot of thought over the past little while. Of course I don’t like being leered at by some idiot–but, then again, it still upsets me to be ignored by someone I don’t even like. In theory I should be angry that these happen, yet at the time I very rarely am.

On a personal level, what do you find worse–unwanted attention, or rejection?

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Why You Should Be Worried About Bill C-537

by matttbastard

Professor Connie Rudnick interviews Lynn M. Paltrow, Executive Director, National Advocates of Pregnant Women, on the hidden anti-contraception agenda of anti-choice activists.

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Right Wing Watch: Phony ‘National Day of Prayer’ Pushes Right-Wing Judges

by matttbastard

Well, isn’t this special:

The “National Day of Prayer Task Force” is a Religious Right group pretending to be the “official” agency responsible for the national non-sectarian day of prayer and reflection. Here Janice Rogers Brown, Bush’s most extreme judicial nominee, and Vonette Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade, pray for a right-wing judiciary.

National Day of Prayer Task Force — “GOD TV,” 5/1/2008

And their dogwhistle to the Republican leadership prayers will be answered if John Sidney McSame inherits the keys to the Oval Office. Maverickly delicious? Yeah, and Dubya was compassionately conservative.

Four. More. Years.

Check out Right Wing Watch for more on the ‘National Day of Prayer Task Force’ and yesterday’s horizontal cry to Jeebus.

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