“Straight Talk” = “Ghetto”–If You’re a WOC

by matttbastard

In response to this TIME magazine article examining recent GOP attacks directed towards Michelle Obama, Jim Geraghty of NRO’s The Campaign Spot gleefully “reports” (in a fair and balanced manner, natch) more evidence of, as an anonymous wingnut blog commenter quoted by TIME so eloquently labels it, the “the bitter, anti-American, ungrateful, rude, crude, ghetto, angry Michelle Obama” meme. Yes, because apparently in the puny little mind of the *ahem* typical GOP voter a woman of colour who dares to speak her mind (ie, regularly engage in a little straight talk) is patently offensive (and, um, ghetto).  Jesus fuck.

So much wrong on the internet lately–including this (I’m sure well-intentioned) Kossack photochop that depicts Michelle Obama being lynched.

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