Om nom nom

by boomgate

Last year I decided to go on a voyage. A voyage of discovery and inner harmony. Of love and worship. And eating.

For Easter last year I received a large box of Koko Black chocolates. Koko Black is a small Melbourne chain which specialises in making high end chocolates, as well as selling things like chocolate mousses and rich hot chocolates as part of it’s chocolate cafe. I decided to review some of the chocolates I received. Later I decided to take this idea even further by trying all of the chocolates they have for sale. Apart from marzipan, which cannot be trusted. On to teh reviews

Item: Creole

Product description: Coffee ganache in dark or milk chocolate

I had the dark chocolate version. While I enjoyed it, I was hoping for the coffee flavours to be a bit more pronounced.

Caramel Mousse

Light caramel ganache hand piped into a rosette

Wow, I really enjoyed this. By and large I’m indifferent towards alot of caramel chocolates as I tend to find them too sweet and cloying. Not so this time. The mousse was wonderfully light with the right amount of sweetness.

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