Referrer Link Follies

by matttbastard

Too true:

This is definitely not a credible source. First of all, the website is called “bastard.logic.” Secondly, their news headline is “Obama ‘bout ta pop a cap in jeff Zeleny’s Azz!” It seems to be a personal blog, and apart from using a lot of profanity and slang, it also is full of typo’s [sic]. Furthemore, it lacks any credible outside sources.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off in the corner crying alongside the folks @ Talking Points Memo (who apparently get no quarter re: credibility, despite winning a Polk Award earlier this week).



Damn kids.

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Quote of the Day: Splitting the Binary

by matttbastard

The truth, though disappointing from the point of view of journalism, is that the most promising humanitarian elements of foreign policy tend to be the boring ones. Timely and effective diplomacy can often avert humanitarian catastrophes before they break out at much lower cost than coercive force can end them once they’ve started. And the U.N.’s traditional peacekeeping operations, where parties to a conflict request third-party troops to help monitor and enforce a peace deal, have a solid track record of success but are perennially under-resourced by an indifferent United States. Greater commitment — political, financial, and (when appropriate) military — to these kinds of operations would bring much larger humanitarian benefits than would any hypothetic humanitarian wars.

– Matthew Yglesias, Kosovo and the Rise of the Humanitarian Hawks

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