10 thoughts on “Rick Mercer is Jesus

  1. Hey! That sounds suspiciously like the Democratic Party in the US!

    Huh. Do you think progressive politicians are a new breed of invertebrate homo sapiens?

    It’s the only explanation.


  2. Whooee! Funny stuff. I missed Mercer last night Thanks fer postin’ this. Us treehuggers got a soft spot fer Dion mostly on accounta the Red-Green deal. I’ve completely lost all respect for Dion with the recent Afghanistan cave-in. He and the rest of the Grits are puttin’ the electoral qualms over the idea of two additional, useless years in Afstan. More senseless death so Dion and his party don’t have to face voters.

    I figger a lotta anti-war Grits are gonna be lookin’ fer a home. They’re gonna find homes in the NDP and GPC. I hope the Dippers ain’t too greedy. There’s plenty o’ Grits to go around.



  3. I have a friend who really fundamentally believes that Stephen Harper has got to be so ashamed of himself because he’s got essentially nothing in the way of competition from the other main party and he *still* can’t get anybody to give a crap about his existence.

    I’d be much happier if we cared enough about his existence to, you know, get rid of him.


  4. OK, Dynamic. But only if you guys take Duceppe. We’ll trade ’em staright up. Maybe Gilles can take a stab at Acadian secession. ;-)


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