PSA: Stop Ken Epp’s Stealth Assault On Women’s Rights

by matttbastard


Unborn Victims of Crime bill?” My black baby-eating ass; try “back-door abortion ban“. There–FTFY, Kenny-boy.

(video by pale @ ACR)

Fern Hill puts out the pro-choice call to arms @ Birth Pangs; Joyce Arthur of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada provides the 411 re: Bill C-484 (additional talking points here).

Click here to send an automatic message to Stephane Dion demanding that he follow the lead of the Bloc and the NDP by whipping the Liberal caucus.

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Lost in Translation

by matttbastard


Some novel advice from Juan Díez-Nicolás re: the definition of racism in Spain:

“What happened in Barcelona was a sign of stupidity, but to call it racism is simplifying things. If [Hamilton] had happened to be a fat person, they would have insulted him for that.

“In Spain, when they make fun about the colour of your skin, it is not necessarily racism. If he had been a woman, they would have made a joke about that, and we would be talking about sexism,” he says.

Ok, just so we’re clear: pioneering Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, a person of colour, was mocked by some Spanish F1 fans earlier this week because of his ethnicity–but don’t anyone dare use the “R” word, because apparently those same fans would have still mocked Hamilton were he fat or female.

I suppose “egalitarian” also means something different in Spanish (to say nothing of “ironic”).

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Quote Of The Day: Moving Targets

by matttbastard

In the course of a few short years, water-boarding has morphed from torture that unquestionably violates both federal and international law to an indispensable tool in the fight against terror.

Charting that progression is almost not worth doing anymore, so familiar are the various feints and steps. First, the administration breaks the law in secret. Then it denies breaking the law. Then it admits to the conduct but asserts that settled law is not in fact settled anymore because some lawyer was willing to unsettle it. Then the administration insists that the basis for unsettling the law is secret but that there are now two equally valid sides to the question. And then the administration gets Congress to rewrite the old law by insisting it prevents the president from thwarting terror attacks and warning that terrorists will strike tomorrow unless Congress ratifies the new law. Then it immunizes the law breakers from prosecution.

That’s how Americans have come to reconcile themselves to illegal warrantless eavesdropping and to prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay. It’s why we’re no longer bothered in the least by the abuse of national-security letters or extraordinary rendition or by presidential signing statements. Deny, admit, codify, then immunize. The law as quickstep.

– Dahlia Lithwick, Anybody’s Guess (h/t War in Context)

More from Charles Pierce (h/t Chet Scoville), Hilzoy @ ObWi and skdadl-with-one-‘sk’, who charts the logical next step in the Left-Hand Path that has been eagerly undertaken by the Bush administration:

If torture is situational ethics, then we are on to Dostoevsky territory. Torture is an assault on the body, yes – the body may recover; it may be maimed; or it may be destroyed. But torture is aimed most profoundly at the mind, at destroying the mind, at driving the victim mad. And in that madness, what any of us will see is the vision that is the exact opposite of civilization, especially of democracy. The tortured and the torturer both know that once all the rules are conditional, there are no more rules. Civil society ends. Everything is permitted.

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