Ego and Ambition: Privileges That Only White Men Are Allowed To Enjoy

by matttbastard

Shorter Jonah Goldberg:

Uppity. N*gger.”

For fuck’s sake, Jonah–stop wasting our time (and Murdoch’s money), cut the crap and just say what you really fucking mean.

(image originally uploaded by Barack Obama, posted under a Creative Commons license.)

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Channeling Jonah Goldberg

by matttbastard


I’ll be goshdarned if that notorious creative revolutionary, pale, isn’t the illegitimate granddaughter of Benito Mussolini (or Woodrow Wilson — hey, same diff, natch) . Oh, and I’m really and truly offended by the rank bigotry displayed here by liberal jackboots David Neiwert and PZ Meyers. A Darwin Fish is the burning cross of a godless materialist (white sheets, white lab coats — see where I’m going with this?)


Here’s some more truth-to-power on the cheap, dickcheese.

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There’s A Riot Goin’ On (Say What?!)

by matttbastard


Doughy Pantload (“ZOMG NEGRO RAMPAGE!!11”) + The Ole Perfesser (“Heh, indeed”) = dogwhistlin’ racist dumbfuckery at its finest.

Glenn Greenwald, dnA and Athenae do the heavy lifting so I don’t have to (hooray for lazy Sundays!)

Related: Pretty safe to say that Bill Bennett provided the ultimate Biden moment during the Iowa Caucuses:

Barack Hussein Obama, a black man, wins this for the Democrats.

I have been watching him. I watched him on “Meet the Press,” I’ve watched him on [Anderson Cooper’s] show, watched him on all the CNN shows — he never brings race into it. He never plays the race card.

Talk about the black community — he has taught the black community you don’t have to act like Jesse Jackson, you don’t have to act like Al Sharpton. You can talk about the issues. Great dignity. And this is a breakthrough. And good for the people of Iowa.

Yes, well done, BHO–I for one have learned my lesson: down with uppity (if that’s alright with Massa Bennett, o’course)! And golf claps for the (white) people of Iowa. Jon Swift might just be bang on here:

The other big winners were white voters and white members of the party establishment. By voting for Barack Obama, they were able to prove that they are not racist. The fact that Obama is young, charismatic, inspiring, a mesmerizing speaker, has fresh ideas and appeals across the partisan divide will make no difference in the general election where it is a well-known fact that the American people will be afraid to vote for a black man with a funny name who is inexperienced and might secretly be a Muslim. By letting him win this one, and giving us a historic moment that we can tell our grandchildren about, we can all feel better about ourselves.

Ahhh, I think that Obama’s rhetorical MDMA has finally begun to wear off. It’s the morning after in America. Sketchy cynicism FTW.

h/t GG for both the Bennett and Swift quotes.

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