There’s A Riot Goin’ On (Say What?!)

by matttbastard


Doughy Pantload (“ZOMG NEGRO RAMPAGE!!11”) + The Ole Perfesser (“Heh, indeed”) = dogwhistlin’ racist dumbfuckery at its finest.

Glenn Greenwald, dnA and Athenae do the heavy lifting so I don’t have to (hooray for lazy Sundays!)

Related: Pretty safe to say that Bill Bennett provided the ultimate Biden moment during the Iowa Caucuses:

Barack Hussein Obama, a black man, wins this for the Democrats.

I have been watching him. I watched him on “Meet the Press,” I’ve watched him on [Anderson Cooper’s] show, watched him on all the CNN shows — he never brings race into it. He never plays the race card.

Talk about the black community — he has taught the black community you don’t have to act like Jesse Jackson, you don’t have to act like Al Sharpton. You can talk about the issues. Great dignity. And this is a breakthrough. And good for the people of Iowa.

Yes, well done, BHO–I for one have learned my lesson: down with uppity (if that’s alright with Massa Bennett, o’course)! And golf claps for the (white) people of Iowa. Jon Swift might just be bang on here:

The other big winners were white voters and white members of the party establishment. By voting for Barack Obama, they were able to prove that they are not racist. The fact that Obama is young, charismatic, inspiring, a mesmerizing speaker, has fresh ideas and appeals across the partisan divide will make no difference in the general election where it is a well-known fact that the American people will be afraid to vote for a black man with a funny name who is inexperienced and might secretly be a Muslim. By letting him win this one, and giving us a historic moment that we can tell our grandchildren about, we can all feel better about ourselves.

Ahhh, I think that Obama’s rhetorical MDMA has finally begun to wear off. It’s the morning after in America. Sketchy cynicism FTW.

h/t GG for both the Bennett and Swift quotes.

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5 thoughts on “There’s A Riot Goin’ On (Say What?!)

  1. Obama reminds me of another politician many Canadians once admired: Brian Mulroney. Our former prime minister gave wonderful speeches about Canada before he became prime minister in 1984. Obama also has a bit of Kim Campbell’s desire to give us “hope.” I forgot how she did in the 1993 federal election. The Progressive Conservatives achieved gender parity in the House of Commons. The won two seats–one man and one woman (and she wasn’t Campbell).

    Obama is also inexperience having serve part of one Senate term in Washington. Mulroney had no parliamentary experience when he became leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. He had a few months of experience as an MP before the 1984 election.

    There’s hope for Obama.


  2. Reading through just some of those links (for which I thank you, Mister Three Tees) affirms for me the unequivocal and absolute necessity of impeaching Bush & Cheney before the November election.


  3. Berlynn: just reading First Draft alone on a regular basis is enough to have long convinced me of that necessity. FD is one of the few top-tier-ish blogs to still tenaciously cover the ongoing struggles of the Gulf Coast. I weep when I read it. And get fucking mad.

    Another major part of the shameful Bush/Cheney legacy.

    (I also recommend Jon Schwarz’s blog; he’s been seriously advocating for impeachment for some time now.)


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  5. I was clearly one who felt that the younger generations were more color blind than ever. I saw so much UGLY, hatred and racism that I will not accept it nor tolerate it.

    That said, I feel that all the discussion of Obama’s race takes away from his brilliance and potential to unite this nation.


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