Channeling Jonah Goldberg

by matttbastard


I’ll be goshdarned if that notorious creative revolutionary, pale, isn’t the illegitimate granddaughter of Benito Mussolini (or Woodrow Wilson — hey, same diff, natch) . Oh, and I’m really and truly offended by the rank bigotry displayed here by liberal jackboots David Neiwert and PZ Meyers. A Darwin Fish is the burning cross of a godless materialist (white sheets, white lab coats — see where I’m going with this?)


Here’s some more truth-to-power on the cheap, dickcheese.

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One thought on “Channeling Jonah Goldberg

  1. He’s just noticing the Darwin fish NOW? I’ve had one on my car for 12 years.

    That doughy pantload can kiss my magnificent ass.


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