The Demographic Winter

by matttbastard

The latest issue of The Nation features a disturbing cover story by Kathryn Joyce on how the American religious far-right is tapping nativist insecurity in Europe to take its made-in-the-USA anti-choice message global.

A sample:

The imminent demise of Europe is a popular prediction these days, with books such as Catholic scholar George Weigel’s The Cube and the Cathedral, Melanie Phillips’s Londonistan, Bruce Bawer’s While Europe Slept and Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West all appearing since 2001. The 2006 film Children of Men sketched a sterile, dystopian world thrown into chaos for lack of babies (though with less blatant antiabortion implications than the Christian allegorical P.D. James novel on which it was based). The media increasingly sound the alarm as Eastern European countries register birthrates halved since the last generation. And on February 11, the Family First Foundation, a profamily group in the same movement circles as [Steve] Mosher and [Christine] de Vollmer, released a documentary dedicated to the threat: Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family.

What was a conservative drumbeat about Europe’s death has become mainstream media shorthand, complementing ominous news items about Muslim riots in France; Muslim boycotts in London; Muslim “veil” debates in Denmark; and empty European churches transformed into mosques, with calls to prayer replacing church bells. Evangelical luminary Chuck Colson, head of the vast Prison Fellowship ministry and a close ally of George W. Bush, espoused a conspiracy theory in which he construed an Islamic Council of Europe handbook for Muslims trying to keep the faith abroad as a “soft terrorism” plot for takeover. The late Oriana Fallaci lambasted Europe’s transformation into a Muslim colony, “Eurabia.” And in a recent political match in Switzerland, a campaign poster depicted a flock of white sheep kicking a black sheep out of their pasture, “For Greater Security.” The refrain is that the good-faith multicultural tolerance approach of the Netherlands has been tried and has failed, which is arguably a few polite steps from Mosher’s summary of the problem: that Muslim immigrants are simply “too many and too culturally different from their new countries’ populations to assimilate quickly…. They are contributing to the cultural suicide of these nations as they commit demographic suicide.” Or, as he declared while rallying a gathering of profamily activists last spring in Poland, “I want to see more Poles!”

Or more Russians, or more Italians, as the case may be. The fever for more “European” babies is widespread. The last two popes have involved themselves in the debate, with John Paul II pronouncing a “crisis of births” in 2002 in an anomalous papal address to Italy’s Parliament and Benedict XVI remarking on the “tragedy” of childless European couples and beatifying an Italian peasant woman for raising twelve children.

At the national level, in 2004 Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi offered a “baby bonus” of about $1,000 to parents who had a second child, and Russia, which has a history of pronatalist policies, including its 1980s-era “motherhood medals,” sweetened the offer to its citizens with several birth initiatives for hesitant couples, including an $8,900 award to families who produce a second child and a stipend of 40 percent of salary to women who leave work to become stay-at-home moms. One Russian province made novelty news worldwide with its Day of Conception on September 12, when residents of Ulyanovsk got time off work to “conceive a patriot” for the country. Prizes for successful delivery nine months later include refrigerators and cars. The theme is present enough in the popular consciousness that a Swedish underwear company cashed in on the anxiety with a provocative ad campaign featuring a cast of Nordic men wearing EU-type lapel pins, commanding Swedes to Fuck for the Future and Drop Your Pants or Drop Dead.

The nativist motivations for such campaigns move beyond the subliminal at times. Elizabeth Krause, an anthropologist and author of A Crisis of Births: Population Politics and Family-Making in Italy, tracked that country’s population efforts over the past decade and found politicians demanding more babies “to keep away the armadas of immigrants from the southern shores of the Mediterranean” and priests calling for a “Christian dike against the Muslim invasion of Italy.” The racial preferences behind Berlusconi’s “baby bonus” came into embarrassing relief when immigrant parents were accidentally sent checks for their offspring and then asked to return the money: the Italian government hadn’t meant to promote those births.

The American Christian right, increasingly seeking influence abroad, has recognized that this anxiety over shifting national identities creates fertile terrain for spreading its ideology of traditional sexual morality as a quick fix for a postmodern age.

Related: Chris Hedges has more on the “creeping Christian chauvinism [that] has infected our political and social discourse” and how “[t]he public denigration of Islam, and by implication all religious belief systems outside Christianity, is part of the triumphalism that has distorted the [US] since the 9/11 attacks.”

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39 thoughts on “The Demographic Winter

  1. Well, it’s sad to see this creeping into Europe, but there’s always been a strong streak of racism among the fetus fetishists in North America: ‘Too many of Them and not enough of Us are breeding.’


  2. the “creeping Christian chauvinism [that] has infected our political and social discourse” and how “[t]he public denigration of Islam, and by implication all religious belief systems outside Christianity, is part of the triumphalism that has distorted the [US] since the 9/11

    Christianity appears more moderate and liberal (I speak as a Christian, or a slack one, in any event) since lefty Christians like myself, Bill Moyers, Jimmy Carter, et. al. are included in the discourse. Liberal Christians are invited to speak at the workshops and panels and such, like on C-Span. Muslim moderates and liberals are ignored. Thus, you have the media impression that “they” are the dangerous, extreme ones, since no one sees otherwise. It’s a calculated production of “who is a Muslim”–the skeptics, peaceniks, slackers just aren’t included. Only the unquestioningly devout, or fundies, rate inclusion. They would NEVER do that for Christianity–in fact, as the Huckabee people like to say, fundies are often EXCLUDED from these very same C-Span panels.

    The media presents even-handed, liberal, level-headed Christians arguing with whacked out Muslims. You never see whacked out Christians arguing with level-headed Muslims, except, you know, Bush and Condoleezza. :P

    Who benefits from this propaganda?


  3. Daisy: re: who benefits, I’m more a-feared of good old fashioned plain-Jane fascism, minus the “Islamo” modifier:

    7. To people who feel deprived of a clear social identity, Ur-Fascism says that their only privilege is the most common one, to be born in the same country.

    This is the origin of nationalism. Besides, the only ones who can provide an identity to the nation are its enemies. Thus at the root of the Ur-Fascist psychology there is the obsession with a plot, possibly an international one. The followers must feel besieged. The easiest way to solve the plot is the appeal to xenophobia. But the plot must also come from the inside: Jews are usually the best target because they have the advantage of being at the same time inside and outside. In the United States, a prominent instance of the plot obsession is to be found in Pat Robertson’s The New World Order, but, as we have recently seen, there are many others.

    Replace “Jews” with “Muslims” and you have the 21st century rabid right in a fucking nutshell (even the BNP has rebranded its bigotry to reflect the winds of change…)


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  5. The author of the article has made clear that he doesn’t like the promotion of new births. But, besides that, he doesn’t give any idea of why he doesn’t like it. Incredibly poor article.


  6. The author of the preceding comment has made it clear that he apparently hasn’t read the article in question (hint: Kathryn Joyce is a she); furthermore, your argument is stuffed with straw. Way to shift the goalposts, Calvin.



  7. But.. the main argument – that there is a world-wide demographic depopulation crisis looming – is supported by the Population Statistical Division of the UN and almost all other demographic agencies – is undeniable.

    The implosion is predicted to occur everywhere in the world, including the Third World. Even in India, of course, China and Japan, but even in South America and in urbanised Africa. There is a complex depopulation “engine” now at work in the economies, in the cultures, and in the “mindsets” of most peoples of the world, which is unstoppable, even with the best forseeable efforts by governments.

    And it will have huge effects on every aspect of life, on a humanity which has got used to the 200 years of population expansion, in both the first and the third worlds.

    Only those cultures which support large families will survive into the future. Muslim communities are the least susceptible to the implosion “engine” and that is borne out by the statistics. It is not fear-mongering to point out these facts.


  8. Quite the contrary, Mike. The “big 3” of the muslim middle east (Turkey, Iran, and Egypt) are either below replacement birthrates (the first two) or approaching it (Egypt). Even places like Jordan and Saudi Arabia are seeing their birthrates decline of late. All of North Africa is trending towards European levels as well.

    However, the original poster is correct that this “demographic winter” is being promulgated by the Christian right for ideological reasons.

    The declining birth rate is inevitable. One out of the box solution is SENS (strategically engineered negligible senescence), a.k.a. curing aging.


  9. Let’s break it down:

    True or False? Worldwide, birthrates are down, averaging at or below replacement level;

    True or False? Societies with the lowest birthrates currently tend to be those with the most enlightened cultural norms and political precedents, and those with higher birthrates tend to be those with the least enlightened cultural norms and political precedents;

    True or False? In any given European country, the persons with the most enlightened ideas about cultural norms and appropriate government policies are those with the lowest birthrates, and the persons with the least enlightened ideas about cultural norms and appropriate government policies are those with the highest birthrates (whether they’re immigrants or not makes no nevermind to me);

    True or False? SENS (a cure for old age) does not yet exist;

    True or False? There are negative economic consequences to increasing the proportion of elderly persons in your society’s population;

    True or False? Successful political activism (whether toward enlightened or unenlightened policies) tends to require a large mass of energetically involved and emotionally invested persons, who are generally below 35 years of age;

    I may be missing something, but it seems to me that if most or all of the propositions given above ARE true, then…we have a problem.

    If the problem’s big enough, then I don’t care (much) if these facts are used in tendentious ways by neo-Nazis or Archbishops or media-scaremongers or fertility clinic operators or Babies ‘R’ Us or whomever.

    I’m interested in the factuality of the issue.

    It seems to me that, if the majority of the statements above are true, then the traditions of (relatively) enlightened social policies and governance may not last much longer. It will be hard to communicate democratic ideals to the next generation when most of the youngsters in that generation are raised by non-assimilated European immigrants with fundie notions of morality.

    Or am I missing some critical point which makes all of this no big deal?


  10. RC

    You are so right. This crisis has nothing to do with and is not caused by (as Kathryn, Matt and others seem to suggest) moral values or nationalism or … It is just a fact that birth rates are below replacement levels, and no economy in history on the planet has or can grow while the population is declining. Older people don’t buy as much, and as a population gets older (the result of below replacement birth rate), the economy will slow and stop.

    We need to stop crying christian conspiracy, and realize that the problem on the planet is not too many people, but too few. People aren’t the problem.


  11. mattbastard…

    Imigration delays the problem at best. At worst, the argument goes, immigration saps the developing world of it’s productivity (read “skilled workers”) to merely keep the developed world from backsliding. Call it population mercantilism.

    The facts are startling. Take Russia – by Russia’s own government estimates, their population is declining by 700,000-800,000 annually. That’s like losing the entire population of San Franciso, every year. That’s not a small problem.


  12. The Christian versus Islam and immigration angles to this are red herrings. Even if this issue is being promoted by Christians or anti-immigration movements, the fact is that Islamic nations are going through the demographic transition too. The North African ones where Europe has traditionally attracted its immigrants from are well into the transition and those nations which are seeing population growth are only doing so out of the momentum of the children of their baby boom being born while their parents are still alive. Their mean population ages are rising.

    There are still a few developing nations whose populations are still rising and whose total fertility rates are still high but those rates are dropping faster than European ones did.

    North African nations like Morocco are seeing dropping unemployment rates along with the dropping fertility rates. That’s great in the short term but it means that, as earths total fertility rate starts to cross the replacement rate of roughly 2.1 kids per woman, population growth will stop and reverse. Nations, even underdeveloped ones will see aging populations becoming more dependent on fewer young workers and labour shortages will rise. China is already loosing its cheap labour benefits to Vietnam and Indochina will soon loose it to Africa. After that there is no more cheap labour and competition for immigrants to offset aging and shrinking populations becomes futile.

    While I don’t worry about human extinction or the collapse of civilization or anything, we could be in for some rough economic times as we adjust to saturated markets with fewer consumers and labour shortages for both skilled and then unskilled jobs.

    We had better get busy designing robots and developing AI if we want health services and adequate housing and infrastructure in the future.


  13. The current US birthrate is 2.0 and that includes 19% of women who at age 45 had no children according to the US census.

    Such demographics are consistent with a stable population and hardly mean that women are required to be brood mares.

    A non sectarian family friendly culture where women aren’t pressured to have fewer children than they want is all that is required.

    That may not be so easy when the trend is teaching young people that careers are the most important thing in life and that family is not.


  14. Why don’t we forget our silly and ideologies and look rationally on the numbers. The fact is that population rate in countries that are carriers of the Western Civilization are decreasing and the result is a civilization transformation of the world. If it is something that you like and consider yourself to be a member of the Western Civilization than you are pretty dumb and I feel sorry for you and for the rest of us.


  15. I am a Christian and do not agree with those who use alarmist illogic for political reasons (such as those who talk about a demographic winter).

    People who love freedom do not have to bring babies into the world to maintain the foundations of freedom.

    When freedom of thought and expression is upheld and expanded throughout the world, our lives and civil liberties have the opportunity to be grounded in right thinking.

    Our mistake as a nation is that we have not provided expanded examination of ideas and/or of the foundations that allow freedom to exist.

    We missed this opportunity when we didn’t send millions of Bibles into all areas of the world (without commentary).

    It is the right thinking and logic within the Bible that brought the United States into existence.

    Because we have forgotten or ignored this truth we have been allowing tyrant thinking to control much of the rest of the world and expand into our country with such abuse of free thinking as “hate” laws. These laws are just one more excuse to control free thought.

    A crime is a crime regardless of the thinking behind it.

    The U.S. would not have to proclaim the United States as a Christian nation (it isn’t a theocracy) to support wide-spread dissemination of the Bible.

    We would not owe an apology for spending tax-payer money on this distribution. It has nothing to do with establishment of a religion.

    The ideas in the Bible (its providing of God-given human rights) is the overriding and foundational reason there is freedom in the world today.

    Because we have allowed all enemies of freedom to box us into the idea we have (as a nation) no right to present to the world a specific religious view of the world, we have allowed the enemies of freedom to win the war of the mind, thus, we are seeing the increasing take-over of individual freedom (taken from all others who have no real power in their society or the freedom to challenge wrong ideas).

    It is immoral for anyone to suggest a nation must begin having babies to maintain their freedom (the idea is contrary to the Bible which does not teach this idea…in fact, it is against the human right of individual free choice as taught by Christ).

    The New Covenant of Jesus Christ is a Covenant of personal freedom under and within the morality of Jesus Christ (Matthew 23).

    The designers of the United States of America understood this most fundamental new idea brought into the world by Jesus Christ and founded this country on its premise that all human beings are created equal before God.

    It was not an accident that the birth of the United States came ONLY after the Bible was freed from those in Rome who had usurped its freedoms and instituted a controlling “religious/ state” domination of human thought.


  16. What is the opinion of the posters here regarding environmental concerns? Should we have them? Do we consider things like rising CO2, deforestation, excessive fishing, water shortages, over-urbanization, mass extinctions of species, etc as problems? These things exist in direct proportion to the number of people in existance and more specifically, to their economic power.
    We could have all that we have now and cause no environmental problems, if only we were less in number.
    A decreasing of the population is to be seen as highly desirable, even if it entails a temporarily aged population. We must seek long term advantages. So what if we delay our retirement a little.


  17. A move in a positive direction, that should not
    offend anyone a great deal, is to launch an aggressive campaign promoting adoption of unwanted babies. Bill Clinton should even favor
    this, since, when he was President, he proclaimed that abortion should be rare, and again, adoption
    is the very best alternative.


  18. It is interesting reading this article as a mother of many. I’m college educated as is my husband. We came from larger families and have eight children, by choice. Big families are earth friendly. In our family we buy locally and grow some of our own food. Larger families tend to reuse, are a natural carpool, have more people sharing the same space, heat and water.

    Now I just need to print off a copy of the depopulation statistics and hand them out to all those helpful people who seem to think I need educating. Shall I carry around my degree or W-2s so people can know we ARE paying for our own children.

    I agree with the pro-adoption idea as well.


  19. Matt Bastard,

    Wow. You are demented. I’d actually like to offer an argument to what you have said, but there is nothing to argue against. Your position is no position. It’s nothing but an acted-out emotional rage based on you insecurities and you lack of any kind of self-worth. I feel terrible for you and those who hold your opinions because such opinions can only be held by horrendously lonely people who have no relationships based on self-giving and reciprocity. You must not be able to connect with anyone, soul-to-soul. How awful. No social, cognitive or emotional intimacy with anyone. That’s why you hold your opinions. All you have is sex without restraint to compensate for your loneliness. Of course, this means that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, can get in the way of your good time. This means abortion, contraception and God only knows what else has to be a legally protected right for you – damn the consequences to anyone else – so that you can chase away a loneliness that is only temporarily salved by your sexual exploits.

    Well, to get things straight . . . children are a blessing. They are also a responsibility. They are the natural and inevitable outcome of sex. Sex belongs between a man and woman who have committed themselves to each other through marriage. Sex is an adult activity that belongs to adults, not horny, bored and lonely teenagers. It belongs to marriage and those in that married state, with the one to whom they are married.
    Sex is about uniting a man and woman in self-giving love, not childish or adolescent thrill-seeking. The love they share must grow in order to feed the love-need of the children who are the natural fruit of the unity of the man and woman.
    It takes both parents to raise the child. To do it any other way is to cheat that child. No child asks to be born, and for that reason one man and one woman, bound by the lifetime commitment of marriage and married life and married love should bear children and carefully raise them to adult independence. Anyone who is not capable of standing as an independent adult has a right to sex.
    You should try to forget yourself and think more about other people. There is great satisfaction in performing loving acts for others. It’s is not selfish to do so. The resulting pleasures are a positive reinforcement signalling what works. If you feel guilty about the satisfaction, don’t. There are plenty of people who will remedy that situation by taking what you have to offer and then spit in your face. You can then prove your character by doing the loving thing because its the right thing to do, and not because it makes you feel good. If you can do this, you might yet prove yourself to be more than a senseless, irrational and faithless beast driven by his nerve endings rather than operating according to his reason, will and the truth . . . which only troubles the dishonest.


  20. Let’s be clear. If not for the whites, you would not have had this instrument. That says it all. Besides, the hatred for the whites that pumps the blood in your brains, chokes the last of your intel, intel as in wisdom. The very list in the beginning of your extremely shallow bit of crap, says as a thousand arguments what is the issue, really: The demise of the last hope for progress for the world if the West, meaning WHITE, CHRISTIAN AND BRIGHT, goes kaput. Pray tell me why should I give the land of my cultural ancestry to strangers who just want a piece of bread out of the horn of plenty w/o giving equally in return ever, but just taking mostly? Why can’t they do in their own countries what the so-much-hated-by-you-Whites/Christians did in theirs w so much spilt blood and sweat? And don’t give me the usual crap of “done w black/brown/yellow blood”.


  21. So people that have children pay for them? No tax deductions that those that don’t have children have to pay higher taxes to allow for those deductions?


  22. Plain and simple. Anyone who thinks overpopulation is a problem (including the author of this article) is a closet-nazi. What makes any of you any better than anyone else? or more deserving to exist on this planet? seriously, you guys claim to rally against hate…yet you despise the future children of this world (whether they be white, black, christian, or muslim) because they might nibble on YOUR share of the earth’s resources. your blogs are full of hate…as well as intellectual arrogance. You have forgotten that behind all those statistical “mouths to feed” there are human beings like yourself.


  23. Actually, we’re all looking at this wrong. The death of Europe, Japan and Russia… these are GOOD things! Every other westernized nation will join the death spiral. Why fight it? At this point it’s inevitable. The West has produced two of the worst ideas the human race has ever had: Communism and liberalism. The West’s self-destruction is ample evidence of its intellectual bankruptcy. Evolution weeds out not just individuals but also behaviors that lead to a dead end. And that’s what the West is now: A dead end. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


  24. I think we’re focusing on the wrong topics when we talk about Muslims in Europe in relation to the demographic winter. It’s not about Muslims. It’s about the low birth rates in Western countries. According to the United Nations Population division, no human society has ever recovered from a fertility rate below 1.3 children per woman. Many Western countries have already fallen below this critical number, as has Europe as a whole. So, populations will dwindle, and eventually, either the people next door will move in (as seems to be happening already in some countries), or there will be too few people for an infrastructure (as in Rwanda). Either way, Western civilization as we know it is doomed.

    So those who dismiss all this as anti-Muslim rhetoric are missing the point. In case I need to say it again, it’s not about Muslims.

    I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it. Sweden has tried very hard to encourage higher birth rates, but it’s not working. The only Western culture reproducing at replacement rates is that of American conservatives, but who knows how long that will last?


  25. Cork, communism was not born in the west, it was born in the east which has the majority of collectivist cultures. In fact the further west you go the more individualistic, or liberal, cultures become. Crack a book before you look like a complete fool, and if the predictions of the Demographic Winter are accurate, your the kind of person who should never have children but has probably already eight children all on government assistance. Get the government out of your medicare eh? I mean you are a birther, its obvious from your blowhard lack of intelligence. Don’t even try to pretend to have a brain, because it makes look even more stupid.

    The Demographic shifts we see now can reverse themselves quite easily. There are too many humans for the amount of resources and its taxing the world’s ecosystem to the point of record extinctions. No amount of wishful thinking will be able to convince reality that we can sustain ourselves with our current level of consumption, and even from a Christian perspective, aren’t we supposed to be stewards of this earth? Or, are we supposed to exploit the earth, use its natural resources quickly as possible, killing the oceans, wiping out the oxygen producing forests, so Jesus will come and whisk us away in his magic chariot? I fear the fundamentalists from all corners, reproducing like rabbits, consuming with ravenously because of divine destiny, unable to divorce themselves from superstition, using superstition to form “God’s- chosen-ones” arrogance, hastening the end of life as we know it. This may be hard to swallow, but God created a universe and earth is a small dot, and God will not lift a finger to keep us from destroying our own species, or ruining our ecosystem for oxygen breathing life-forms. Sure, all life on earth will be extinguished on day, but its unfair for humans to try to hasten extinction just to bring Jesus back.

    Anyone who thinks white people should breed to keep the mud people at bay is a closet Nazi. It does not even take an elementary school child to see that humans are taxing the ecosystem beyond the limits. Pull your heads out of FOX News stinkhole and try using objective reasoning and science for a change. God gave you a brain, at least I think he did, so don’t embarrass God by pretending you do not have one so you can use Holier Than Thou as an excuse to act irresponsibly. The demographic winter is far preferrable to the extinction of the human species due to a destroyed eco-system. Jesus is not coming back to save us from ourselves.


  26. JR
    few good points like we should steward the earth. we should. ” there are too many humans for the amount of resources and its taxing the worlds ecosystem to record extinctions” wow you said a mouthfull there. might add that you are obviously not in touch with reality yourself . ” the demographic shifts we see can reverse themselves quite easily” really? pray tell. give some real facts and we can talk


  27. The Author makes it clear they do not like ‘Demographic Winter’ because it helps/supports/furthers/squares with the Christian message/cause/teachings and all this somehow militates/argues/persuades against abortions or choosing abortions. Okay.
    The problem is the author doesn’t do much more than that. Doesn’t properly criticize the movement or ideology (as they are working it) and doesn’t give us alternatives or explain why or how things can be better the other way. It would be just as effective to write the words “I HATE Christianity Grrrrr” on Twitter for all this article is worth.


  28. The very idea of abortion and protection usage for sex proves that evolution does not work and that evolution is a false doctrine. It is illogical for one to believe in evolution. If humans evolved into having better thinking brains than the apes, and that too for the betterment and for turning humans into a superior species every passing generation, what we see here is the exact opposite. How can anyone justify evolution if there is no propogation of the species? Homosexuals makes an even more solid proof against evolution. Anyone who believes in evolution of species and darwins theory should be in the forefront to fight against the leagalization of gay marriages and gay activities.

    The most number of believers of Atheism and the supporters of evolution are the so called “developed” and western countries. And the interesting thing to note is how one can evidently notice the decline of population in these societies. At the time of the world war 2 there were 28% whites and 9% blacks in the world population. At present, the number is exactly the opposite. around 30% blacks and 9% whites. In a matter of 20 to 30 years, we can see a major decline in the 9% furtherdown the scale. The sole reason for this decline being majorly abortion, over planning of married life, and most importantly the acceptance of homosexuality.

    So putting it shortly, one cannot belong to both sides of the coin. If you believe in evoltuion then say no to homosexuality and using protection for sex in married life.


  29. Well, I quess the quote:
    “For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible.” can be used here on this blog.


  30. Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.

    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    People are only telling white children in white countries that they need diversity.

    White countries will be 100% diverse when there are no white people left.

    Diversity is a code-word for the genocide of white people.


  31. I’ve got news for you. This issue has nothing to do with race. The non-western immigrants have fewer offspring in the next generation as well. India and China have another additional problem which is the imbalance of males to females because people are aborting females to have one son. That will wreak havoc in a few years. The one developed country where the economy is healthy and the populaton balance is positive is Israel, start-up nation, producing scientific and technological development beyond the rest of the world and happily sharing it. Internally the demographics of Israel are in favor of traditional religious Jewish families. The Arab birthrate is going down as Arab women get more education, whereas religious Jewish women are becoming more educated and having large families out of choice. When and if the west gets its act together, there will be babies. If not, not. But it won’t be the Arabs or the Asians, either.


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