Swagga Like Us (Or, Why CNN Should Never Be Allowed To Come Within 100 Metres of a Story About ‘Black’ Issues)

by matttbastard

You ever watch something so vicariously embarrassing, so painfully awkward that it almost gives you a full-body toothache?

Yeah.  That.

h/t @Humanity Critic (via HuffPo)

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12 thoughts on “Swagga Like Us (Or, Why CNN Should Never Be Allowed To Come Within 100 Metres of a Story About ‘Black’ Issues)

  1. yeah, if there’s one thing I think of when I think of Obama, it’s “Shaft.” Sort of in the same way that Jimmy Carter made me think of Elvis Presley.


  2. BTW, Belle, you ever notice that both the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll AND Tupac died during Democratic administrations?

    Coincidence, or MARXIST CONSPIRACY?!?!?!1one


  3. Yeah, I thought it was lame. I’m not a huge George Bush fan, but when they were talking about hug being a part of black male culute (which it is), I was like, W. was a huggy person too! If W. had anything it was swagger.


  4. Oh gott, make it stop.

    Why did Bush have a “strut” (lots of people characterized it that way at the time) while Obama has a “swagga”?

    Of all the asinine… 24 hour news is the end of Western civilization.


  5. T.J. Holmes should not show his face to America for 6 or 7 months. That segment was so insulting to Black American men, especially professional Black American men!


  6. Comparing this interview/blog/barf/what-ever-the-heck-it-is to when I used to play blues at a black biker hang-out makes my brain hurt. I wonder what the response would have been had this woman got up on the band riser and laid that spiel on the audience. I think they would have been too dumbfounded to move, maybe even breathe.


  7. Very typycal! make up a lame or pseudo-story about blacks and look for a black man to talk about it.

    Why do they always use these so-called black journalists to propagate black steriotypes?

    Shame T.J.! Shame on you! You should never submit yourself to such trivialities.


  8. The problem is that we keep looking to 24 hour news as information sources rather than entertainment. Sure they are informative sometimes but what they really want is your attention. Judging by the number of blogs that posted this video they are successful. And him being black is not the reason for this foolishness, Clinton had the same wow he is so cool news stories. They are just using our slang instead of calling him gnarley.


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