Three is the magic number

by matttbastard

Ok, bastardly logicians – liberal japonicus of TIO has just blogrolled us (w00t!) and boomgate’s post where she called us a ‘blogging crime fighting crew ‘ has prompted a discussion in comments about famous superhero trios.

Some of the suggestions:

  • Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy as the original Legion of Superheros
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force

So, out of the three listed here, which group do y’all think we most resemble?

(boomgate, I think I already know which one you’d pick :P)

New beginnings.

by matttbastard

These days, joining a political party in Canada is a fairly simple thing: go to party website; click ‘join’; fill out form; send. Making the decision to abandon the party that one has been wedded to since before voting age? Not so easy.

Last night, after many years of faithful support, I decided to leave behind the NDP and join the Liberal Party of Canada.

Several factors have led me to this difficult decision (bolstered by a couple strong belts of Chivas Regal). The results of this past weekend’s Liberal leadership convention gave me more hope for Canadian democracy than I’ve held in years. Unlike previous conventions, Liberal delegates gave the nod to the person who most deserves to hold the position. New leader Stephane Dion is a policy wonk, a thoughtful intellectual who, unlike some, doesn’t need to adorn himself in Trudeau’s legacy to shore up national credibility; his staunch centralist Federalism and passion for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has already been been well articulated throughout his ten years in Parliament. Dion also realizes that the critical issue facing Canada–and the world–is climate change. A serious policy platform is required to address CO2 emissions, as laid out in the Kyoto accord. Continue reading