“He’s a [rhymes with 'bigger']!” UPDATED: DKos Diarist Claims No Racial Slur Uttered

by matttbastard

The key to successful pro-American public speaking: try not to blink when your one of your fellow pro-Americans drops the n-bomb like it’s hot.

h/t Sully

Update 10/28: Or was that ‘redistributer’ that was shouted out?

I’m not at all convinced that this has in fact been ‘confirmed’, but it does raise questions about what actually was said. See The Great Orange Satan for more.

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12 thoughts on ““He’s a [rhymes with 'bigger']!” UPDATED: DKos Diarist Claims No Racial Slur Uttered

  1. I reposted the video on my blog. Everyone keeps saying they cannot wait until this election ends for this kind of thing to stop. If obama wins we all have at least 4 more years of this ridiculousness.

  2. She does a bit of a shame mumble for a few seconds and then she looks up. She can’t quite say, “You can’t call Obama a ‘BAD NAME'” because that would get her into more trouble.

  3. It just blows the mind that these people are out there and worse, they are welcomed into the Republican party. Disgusting that this behaviour is tolerated.

  4. Sweet Jesu! You know, I am kinda religious and I do believe that evil exists. I wanted to just believe that this was some random shite at first or just a bit of ignorance from some fringe folks, but I can’t fool myself any more. These people really ARE evil.

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