SMV: World AIDS Day Edition

by matttbastard

Everywoman reports from South Africa on how women (especially those living in poverty) are “particularly vulnurable” to HIV/AIDS, largely due to a lack of agency and the prevelence of rape.


Carmen D. and ThinkProgress have more on the burgeoning HIV/AIDS crisis in DC; via TP, GlobalHealthFacts provides a map of people living with HIV or AIDS around the globe.


(click to visit World AIDS Campaign site)





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To The Town Council Of Truro, NS, On Behalf Of Myself And All Decent Canadians (Hetero, Homo And Anywhere In Between)

by matttbastard


Here’s a flagpole – go sit on it. Methinks a fine way to commemorate World AIDS Day this year is to make a donation to the Canadian AIDS Society. Do so in honour of Truro’s ever-so-enlightened mayor, Bill Mills; am sure he’ll appreciate the gesture as much as he does the one pictured above.

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