On Strike? Nope. I’m back.

Some things (and some douche-sombreros) never change. Y’know what else is “so 2006”?

Blog aggregators.


But enough about buggy-whips and the fauxgressives who stubbornly wield them (along with equally-antiquated notions re: teh wimminz). Hope you all like the new look. The delightfully profane invective remains the same.

Buckle up.

*Even more 2006: blogging. Ahem. Shaddap.

The Beltway as Bret Michaels

by matttbastard

In 17 words, Gabriel Sherman unwittingly sums up precisely what is wrong with American campaign journalism:

[T]he press wants to put its love somewhere, and, right now, that love is up for grabs.

Fuck the public interest–it’s all about who’s ready to rock Adam Nagourney’s world!

h/t Atrios

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How to Write for Slate Magazine

by matttbastard

Shorter Chris Wilson:  “Hey, ma, lookit me — I’m contrarian!”

Jesus jumping on a rusty pogo-stick — I really, really hope this is simply bad satire.

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