Tabasco Flood Crisis Worsening UPDATE 11.05 – More Ways To Help UPDATE 11.06 – Value Judgments

by matttbastard

More on Mexico’s Katrina from The Unapologetic Mexican and Brownfemipower, who provides her usual extensive round up of coverage, also noting the quirks of US print media outlets (phear teh disease!)

Related: American Red Cross information page, including donation link

Update 11.05: More from the CS Monitor, which also provides a partial list of (US-based) organizations accepting donations to assist victims of flooding in Tabasco:

Red Cross: Call 800-HELP-NOWor 800-257-7575 (Spanish).

Catholic Relief Services: 877-HELP-CRS or


World Vision: 888-56-CHILD or

Operation USA: 800-678-7255 or

Commercial banks with relief-fund accounts set up by the Mexican government:


Account 00100911240

HSBC bank

Account 4000943274

Wells Fargo bank

Account 599253401

Bancomer bank

Account name: Ayuda Tabasco 2007.

Account number: 2280300127

Update 2: Al Jazeera English – Mexicans take flood rescue into their own hands:

Update 3 11.06: $500,000.  US.  That’s like, what, a half hour in Iraq?

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