Ann Coulter’s Atypical Silence During General Explained: Page Six Reports Jaw Wired Shut

by matttbastard

silence is golden

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Sometimes a punchline isn’t necessary.


Related: Dave Neiwert highlights Coulter’s new business endeavour, “[s]hilling for Patriot-style right-wing moneymaking scams,” while Steve M. wonders if the report is part of a Machiavellian plot on the part of Coulter to garner sympathy (and, more importantly, as many schadenfreude-laden missives from the left as possible) prior to the release of her new book. Yes, she has a new book set to be released, and, yes, the subject is–wait for it–the evils of ‘liberalism’. Try to hide your shock, true believers.

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I Am Beginning To Heart Toronto Sun Family

by matttbastard

Their latest Marsden update is absolutely delicious:

One respected op ed columnist tells TSF: “You may also want to note on Sun Family that Marsden actually alleges some sort of Liberal conspiracy headed by Lou Clancy as the reason for her firing. WOW – I was always taught to leave a job graciously.”


TSF also received these “anonymous” comments and we’ll leave it to our readers to judge their merit:

“Be real. This blog has never liked Marsden because she’s not a “day one-er” and shows up the old-timers. Warmington, Granatstein, Goldstein, Williamson, Jennings, Pyette, and everyone who has actually worked with her has always liked her and have nothing but good things to say about her.

And she didn’t get “thrown out” of Fox. She left a variety show to do politics with CNN and got escorted out, as did Paula Zahn and Kiran Chetry when they left Fox.

You’re making stuff up that doesn’t exist. And your seething jealousy and hatred are all too evident.”

(TSF: Jealousy and hatred? We have barely mentioned Rachel since we launched this blog. Toronto Sun readers repulsed by her flippant attitude about torture have said more about her in two days than we have in the past year. Good luck in her new ventures.)


“Marsden always lands on her feet, at CNN for example. Controversy sells, she’ll do just fine, as usual. You have to applaud those who stand by their principles, as she does.”

Well, TSF does applaud Toronto Sun management for standing by their principles, siding with readers and showing Marsden the door. They will most likely avoid Ann Coulter-style writing in the future.

A (capital ‘L’) ‘Liberal conspiracy’ spearheaded by her (now former) boss. Riiiight.

Also: TSF has a poll up on the main page asking readers how they’d like to fill the column space formerly occupied by Marsden. Go vote!

Finally, Dave @ The Galloping Beaver recommends sending emails to Sun editor-in-chief (and apparent co-conspirator) Lou Clancy thanking him for the swift, decisive response, and rejection of ‘Ann Coulter-style writing’ in the pages of the Sun.  Hats off to you, Lou!

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