Benedict Ambrose

by matttbastard

900Ft Jesus on Rona Ambrose publicly selling out lending her support to Bill C-484:

It is appalling to have anyone try to undermine women’s rights, but worse yet when it comes from a woman who benefitted from the dedication and sacrifice of those who fought for those rights then after she has hers, turns around and tries to gut them. In Harper’s ideal world, Ambrose would not be an MP. She would be at home, breeding until she ran out of viable ovaries, getting dinner ready for her hard working man, prettying herself up for him, and making sure she has a smile for him when he got home. No matter how she may have felt that day, wondering if that is all there is.

Ouch–that’s gonna leave a mark.

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Well it’s about goddamn time (C-484 edition)

by matttbastard

crime scene!

The Canadian Press:

Stephane Dion vowed Thursday that Liberals will block passage of a Tory bill that some fear might re-open the dormant abortion debate.

“I want to give my word to all the women of Canada that the Liberal Party of Canada is against to reopen woman’s right to decide as a debate,” the Liberal leader pledged.


Dion indicated that he shares the view that the bill would reopen the abortion debate and vowed: “We will not allow that to happen.”

More from JJ and fern.  H/t Impolitical.

Related: Via fern, Susan Delacourt reports that Rona Ambrose is apparently trying to atone for past sins against the party by using her uterine authority to sanctify unholy pro-C-484 talking points.

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