PSA: Petition for the immediate release of Esha Momeni

by matttbastard

Via For Esha, the One Million Signatures Campaign has started a petition calling for the immediate release of imprisoned graduate student and womens rights advocate Esha Momeni:

To: His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi,

His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei,
His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi,

We, the undersigned, have heard with great alarm of the arrest in Tehran, on Wednesday October 15, 2008, of Esha Momeni, a graduate student in film and communication at California State University, Northridge. This arrest was made by Tehran traffic police on the pretext that she had made an illegal turn, but we have since been informed that she has been transferred to Section 209 of Evin Prison and kept in solitary confinement.
We wish to make clear that at no time has Ms. Momeni been involved in any activities contravening the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. She had returned to Iran for an extended visit mainly for the purpose of seeing family and friends, and also in order to carry out research related to her MA degree at California State University, Northridge. Ms. Momeni, a women’s rights defender and a volunteer of the California branch of a grassroots campaign called the “One Million Signatures Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws”, decided to make her Master’s thesis project a personal exploration of the shared experiences of everyday Iranians. This included interviews with some members of the Campaign. The activities of the Campaign are peaceful and merely aimed at reforming the Iranian laws in areas that discriminate against women; the Campaign has no political objectives.
Those who are privileged to know Ms. Momeni are fully aware of the sincerity and passion for justice which she brings to the promotion of a truer image of Iran outside the country, and we are therefore dismayed that she should have been arrested and detained despite not having engaged in any unlawful activities.
We, the undersigned, therefore demand Ms. Momeni be released immediately and without conditions so that she can return to complete her education. In addition we urge you to:
1.Guarantee in all circumstances the physical and psychological integrity of Ms. Esha Momeni;
2.Assure that while in detention she is granted immediate and regular access to her family, a lawyer of her choice, and any medical treatment necessary in light of her medical condition (kidney stones);
3 Ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with international and regional human rights instruments ratified by Iran.
Yours sincerely


The Undersigned

Please add your voice here. Make sure to take note of the caveat offered by For Esha:

We request you not to sign petitions organized by organizations other than the One Million Signatures Campaign. While such petitions may mean well, they often contain inappropriate language and factual errors and as such are more likely to endanger Esha than help bring about her release.

And please forward the official petition to as many people as you can.

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PSA: OPPOSE Bill C-484 – REJETEZ Bill C-484

by matttbastard


From the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada:

The “Unborn Victims of Crime Act” (Bill C-484) is coming up for a vote in Parliament on March 5.

The bill poses a real danger to abortion rights, to the rights of all pregnant women, and to women’s equality rights in general.

Please sign the following petition to call upon Parliament to oppose this bill. To review our Talking Points against the bill, visit


La « Loi sur les enfants non encore nés victimes d’actes criminels » (Bill C-484) sera soumise à un vote de la Chambre des communes le 5 mars. Ce projet de loi constitue un danger réel pour les droits de toutes les femmes enceintes et pour les droits des femmes en général.

Veuillez signer la pétition ci-dessous pour réclamer du Parlement qu’il rejette ce projet de loi. Pour en savoir plus, visitez:


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED RESIDENTS OF CANADA, draw the attention of the House to the following:

THAT the proposed “Unborn Victims of Crime Act” conflicts with the Criminal Code, because it grants a type of legal personhood to fetuses, fetuses being non-persons under the law.

THAT giving any legal recognition to fetuses would necessarily compromise women’s established rights.

THAT pregnant women being assaulted or killed is largely a domestic violence issue and “fetal homicide” laws elsewhere have done nothing to reduce domestic violence against pregnant women or their fetuses.

THAT the proposed “Unborn Victims of Crime Act” is a dangerous step towards re-criminalizing abortion and it could also criminalize pregnant women for behaviours perceived to harm their fetuses.

THAT the proposed bill’s exemptions for pregnant women may not work since, in the U.S., arrests of pregnant women have occurred even under state fetal homicide laws that make exemptions for the pregnant woman.

THAT the best way to protect fetuses is to provide pregnant women the supports and resources they need for a good pregnancy outcome, including protection from domestic violence.

THEREFORE your petitioners call upon Members of Parliament to oppose “The Unborn Victims of Crime Act” (Bill C-484).


NOUS, SOUSSIGNÉS, DES RÉSIDENTS ET RÉSIDENTES DU CANADA, désirons porter à l’attention de la Chambre des communes

QUE la proposition de « Loi sur les enfants non encore nés victimes d’actes criminels » entre en conflit avec le Code criminel, du fait d’accorder aux fotus un genre de statut légal de personne, alors que les fœtus ne sont pas des personnes en loi.

QUE le fait d’accorder quelque reconnaissance légale aux fœtus compromettrait nécessairement les droits établis des femmes.

QUE les agressions ou les meurtres de femmes enceintes sont surtout un enjeu de violence conjugale et que les lois sur « l’homicide fœtal » adoptées ailleurs n’ont rien fait pour réduire la violence conjugale exercée contre les femmes enceintes ou leurs fœtus.

QUE la « Loi sur les enfants non encore nés victimes d’actes criminels » proposée est un pas dangereux dans la voie d’une recriminalisation de l’avortement et qu’elle pourrait également criminaliser des femmes enceintes pour des comportements perçus comme portant préjudice à leurs fœtus.

QUE les exclusions relatives aux femmes enceintes prévues au projet de loi pourraient ne pas fonctionner puisque l’on a vu, aux États-Unis, des femmes enceintes être arrêtées, même en vertu de lois étatiques sur l’homicide fœtal qui prévoyaient des exclusions relatives à la femme enceinte.

QUE la meilleure façon de protéger des fœtus est de fournir aux femmes enceintes les soutiens et les ressources dont elles ont besoin pour mener à bien leur grossesse, y compris une protection contre la violence conjugale.

À CES CAUSES, les pétitionnaires demandent au Parlement de rejeter la « Loi sur les enfants non encore nés victimes d’actes criminels » (Bill C-484).

Sign the petition!

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Petition: “No to Police Brutality- No to tasers- RIP Robert Dziekanski” UPDATE 11.24: Petition Is Back Up, No Signatures Lost

by matttbastard

Update 11.24: Received word that the petition is back up at Please feel free to sign if you haven’t done so already. All signatures have been preserved from the original site.

Update 11.22: Just received the following from the group that originally started the petition:

[T]he petition is down, apparently the domain that was hosting it received thousands of calls regarding it and they had enough.


In any case, we have the progress coded, and as soon as my friend is able to get a domain, it will be right back up—[no] signatures lost…so that’s a good thing.

Update 11.20: link appears to be broken atm (h/t opit). Will update once it’s been restored [edit 11.24: updated with new URL].

Please take a moment to sign the Petition (CLICK HERE, LINK CORRECTED 11.24)

Your names on this petition will be included with a letter to the Prime Minisiter along to his hundreds of MP’s demanding an end to the use of tasers and demand answers to our questions.

It is our duty as citizens of this nation to ask Canadian Government to act now with an immediate moratorium on taser use by enforcement agencies in Canada.


We are shocked and appalled the way RCMP officers attacked and killed Mr. Robert Dziekanski on October 14 2007 in Vancouver airport.

We need answers from our Government!!!

Is it a standard procedure for RCMP (fully loaded with other restraining devices and bullet proof vests) to surround and attack citizens with a taser without obvious threat ?

Is it a standard procedure for RCMP to create misleading public announcements as to what happened ?

Is it a standard procedure for RCMP personnel not to provide basic CPR to a helpless dying individual ?

How are citizens of this nation with emotional distress or panic attacks currently protected from being tasered ?

Canadian citizens are in danger now, it is clearly evident that enforcement agencies are now using deadly taser devices as a convenience tool and are breaking the rules of law.

We should not wait until enquiries and probes get completed with recommendations by various agencies, including RCMP.

It is our duty as citizens of this nation to ask Canadian Government to act now with an immediate moratorium on taser use by enforcement agencies in Canada.
Please visit Facebook group
for further information along with discussion forum.

h/t Beijing York

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